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  1. Nov 2020
    1. Meme histories are tracked from first appearance, providing a reference of viral memes.

      People do this to make short funny cracked up jokes about something that is referenced from something they have did or they are going to do. Making it a meme, that someone else that can relate to it.

    2. In using images taken from creative works or private life, memes show how copyright law intersects with issues of internet use and privacy.

      I get people using other sources to make memes but half of the memes on the internet are copyright, I mean it is law to not copyright but that what most of these memes are.

    1. The FBI said it has stopped using the "Black Identity Extremist" tag and acknowledged that white supremacist violence is the biggest terrorist threat this country faces.

      Look at her face, its kinda the face like oh you guys are finally noticing this. I think it's really good that they are noticing these things and working to stop it. It's really good that people are still talking about this because if they dont I feel that some may start to forget.

    1. I can’t get these processes down to a two second mirror-and-head-check, but I can get them close.

      Interesting never heard of thing!