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  1. Mar 2022
  2. Jul 2021
    1. Box 40220Olympia, Contact Us Washington Secretary of StateLegislative Building ·. PO. Educational Resources for Teachers & Students - Washington State Archives - WA Secretary of State.

      Not sure waht this is -- fix up the reference in Zotero, or delete?

  3. Mar 2021
    1. Nearly a third of the patients with such long-term problems had not had any symptoms from their initial coronavirus infection through the 10 days after they tested positive, the researchers found.

      "As many researchers who work with such hospital records pointed out, it’s unwise to assume that health records alone can determine that their illnesses were completely asymptomatic throughout. Absence of symptoms strong enough to seek medical care—and thus missing from the record—is clearly not identical with being a confirmed asymptomatic case. The way “asymptomatic” is being categorized here comes down to: “The hospital didn’t have an interaction where the person came to the hospital and said they had symptoms in the first ten days (study timing) after their test—therefore they were asymptomatic.” (If they did anything else besides rely on electronic health records retrospectively, this is not reported in the study preprint). That’s really not a strong assumption. " -- Zeynep Tufekci

    2. The study, one of the first to focus exclusively on people who never needed to be hospitalized when they were infected, analyzed electronic medical records of 1,407 people in California who tested positive for the coronavirus. More than 60 days after their infection, 27 percent, or 382 people, were struggling with post-Covid symptoms like shortness of breath, chest pain, cough or abdominal pain.

      "The findings were drawn from electronic health records: i.e. people who were interacting with the hospital system. So the study necessarily excludes anyone who didn’t feel the need to interact with the hospital after their positive test. Who is still interacting with the hospital sixty days after their diagnosis? People who don’t feel great. Who is not? People who don’t feel the need to because they feel fine. Hence, clearly, this is not a representative group whatsoever. These are people who sought follow-up, by definition." -- Zeynep Tufekci

  4. Feb 2021
    1. Doonesbury

      Fact Check!

      Did mid-1990s coders really eat Skittles for major meals?

      Answer: Maybe. Douglas Coupland's short story "Microserfs" ', a cover story in Wired in 1994 and later a novel, includes explicit references to skittles, and suggests that they could be the right meal for coders (although breakfast is not specifically mentioned).

    1. Doonesbury

      Fact Check!

      Did Mao really use this chicken/egg/stone metaphor?

      Answer: Yes. Mao used this metaphor in his 1937 essay "On Contradiction":

      It holds that external causes are the condition of change and internal causes are the basis of change, and that external causes become operative through internal causes. In a suitable temperature an egg changes into a chicken, but no temperature can change a stone into a chicken, because each has a different basis.

      For the full context see: https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/mao/selected-works/volume-1/mswv1_17.htm

  5. Jan 2021
    1. I'm from New York, that's how we say it.

      The player is right -- especially in English, pronounciation and spelling have a complex relationship, and then there's regional variations.

  6. Jan 2019
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    1. However,thewealthyandproductivestate’spovertyrateroseinthenationalrankings,fromthirtiethin1980tofourteenthin2001

      And in a three-way tie for first place now -- according to supplemental poverty measure: [http://www.capradio.org/articles/2018/09/12/california-has-one-of-the-nations-highest-poverty-rates-again/ ]

  8. Jun 2018
    1. write evaluations that are largely boilerplate retreads

      Evergreen faculty are not required to write evaluations in a particular way. It is a choice a faculty member can make to write 'largely boilerplate retreads'. That is usually a choice a faculty member makes in order to save time and effort. Many faculty write specific and original evaluations -- more time-consuming, but generally more satisfying.

    1. They want platforms where they can discuss more or less any stance on or idea about more or less any issue, notwithstanding  —  ideally, without even considering  —  the political ramifications.

      This seems right, and I'm not sure that anyone has previously stated this in such a clear and simple form.

  9. Mar 2018