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  1. Mar 2021
    1. nucleus accumbens

      RESEARCH MORE. What is this? What it's role in memory storage?

    2. amygdala


    3. Now, where the emotional memory is stored in response to these survival-enhancing positive memories is not yet entirely clear.

      I have heard this from several of my sources. This one is a bit more dated than some of the others I've used, so I need to look at something more recent and see if this has changed.

    4. The next time, when you anticipate getting that new food, having that experience again, dopamine is now released in anticipation.

      Again, the brain has been trained that when you do this thing, you will get a reward. It's also interesting that the brain knows to release dopamine in anticipation of the event.

    5. You remember it. In the case of positive emotional memories, we think that the chemical dopamine is what's involved as marking them as survival enhancing.

      I think this is the first mention of dopamine specifically that I have come across in my research. Dopamine is released, you brain gets a reward, and remembers that this thing or action is good. It makes send that evolution would lead to this, so that survival actions are ingrained into the brain.

    6. Now, one of the things about emotional memory which is so important is that they are powerful and long-lived because they're associated with survival.

      That is very interesting. It makes sense that this would be the case but I have never thought about it like this before.

    7. Emotional memory has literally the emotional content or meaning attached. What emotion does is it evaluates something.

      Maybe why emotional memories tend to be stronger and more easily recalled. They have the emotional weight.