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  1. Nov 2015
    1. The private and public sectors consume and create carefully written research. Feasibility studies, like the possibility of marketing sausage casings in India, laboratory or field research, inquiries to determine educational, political, or banking policies—all are formats of the research paper that organizations use to make critical decisions.

      College and career ready skills

    2. Teachers as research paper coaches can explore their students’ understanding, interpretation, and synthesis of their reading, discuss their choice of sources and note taking strategies, evaluate their work incrementally, and model ethical paraphrasing and summary skills.

      8th literacy team working on all of this right now

    3. need to be a major conversation throughout the curriculum.

      21st C Tech Literacy standards from the core

    4. note taking lies in the learning process

      organization skills, tagging are important

    5. The Librarian Can Be A Life-Long Resource

      I like this reason best of all!

  2. Oct 2015
    1. increasingly complex texts pro-ficiently and independently.

      Reading ladders

    2. edefining high-level, thought-provoking instruction as the norm for all students in all schools.

      close reading becomes the norm, HOT is the goal