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  1. Jan 2023
    1. It was as if there was a switch in my brain that regulated how I saw the world: It was off when I walked around alone, and it was on when I was out in the world with my parents. It was only when I visited that medical center with my mom that I realized the switch was the same one I flipped on whenever I stepped on my skateboard.

      Why now? I don't know much about disability and design, but this may be a metaphor for how we think about people with opposing viewpoints. Often people with different opinions are looking at the same thing in the same way, but with a different base experience.

    2. take a magic pill

      This is meant to relate to the reader through pathos. Who hasn't wished that some problem they have just magically went away?

    3. People with disabilities like my parents have become hackers out of necessity, forced to find innovative ways to thrive in a world constructed for the non-disabled

      An appeal to logic. It's pretty well known that not all spaces are designed for people with disabilities.

    4. As I trailed my mom up the stairs, I saw the vibrant, technicolor streaks on the rail that indicated someone else had already tried.

      The use of pictures is helpful and using words such as vibrant and technicolor evokes childhood joy.

      I also noticed the indented nubs on the concrete portion and the blocks in the middle of the center railings. These are presumably to prevent skaters from grinding, but somehow, the skaters still found a way around this.

    5. researcher

      An appeal to ethos. Researchers tend to be experts in their fields.

    6. At the same house, the wooden ramp that my father used to pass over the three-stair entrance was also perfect for modest tricks, kickturns and kickflips. I’d gather some speed, roll up most of the ramp, and then flip my board counterclockwise, riding back down in the “fakie” stance

      As with the hospital entrance, Klemin relates the ramp to skating and skaters' creativity.

    7. upended

      This rhetorical appeal is likely intended to bring some chaos into the mix

    8. Even on her best days, switchbacks exhausted her.

      Descriptive writing helps the reader relate to the situation. Using the word exhaust rather than tired adds a more negative feel to appeal to pathos.

    9. Jeremy Klemin is an author and translator who is currently working on writing a book about disabilities and skateboarding. Based on the title, he has experience with disabilities through his parents.

    10. NYT and NYT online are well-respected left-center publications. They are known for their factual reporting and variety of topics. The NYT op-eds are known to lean a little more left than NYT news, mostly due to editorial topic selection. This leads me to believe that the intended audience is the average American, particularly those with a left lean. The author writes in relatively simple terms that are easily read by the audience.