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  1. Nov 2015
    1. But Falconbridge also reports that African women faced other hardships, especially sexual abuse and rape:

      clearly this is a strong reason why rebellions were made.

    1. In 1740 a new law stated that killing a rebellious slave was not a crime and even the murder of a slave was treated as a minor misdemeanor.

      How come killing a human being isn't illegal? unbelievable

    1. Recent estimates count between 11 and 12 million Africans forced across the Atlantic between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, with about 2 million deaths at sea as well as an additional several million dying in the trade’s overland African leg or during seasoning. Conditions in all three legs of the slave trade were horrible, but the first abolitionists focused especially on the abuses of the Middle Passage.

      11-12 million Africans is a huge number, and about 2 million died, it is very sad how slavery was not seen as brutal.

    2. Skin color became more than superficial difference; it became the marker of a transcendent, all-encompassing division between two distinct peoples, two races, white and black.

      skin color is what separates races, white and black.

  2. Sep 2015
    1. Even marriage itself was regarded as a covenant. Connecticut granted nearly a thousand divorces between 1670 and 1799.

      I would have thought that marriage was considered as a covenant (a more serious agreement), but I think that a thousand divorces granted by Connecticut seems to be a high number and I'm assuming that population wasn't a very large number at that time.

    1. not sparing either age or sex, man, women or child; so sudden in their cruel execution that few or none discerned the weapon or blow that brought them to destruction....

      it is unbelievable how we are still allowing this warfare to happen. What is the point of killing each other, aren't we all equal no matter what race we are? why does the ambition of power, money, or land are stronger than a human being? It is very sad to read that this happened in the 1620s as it is still happening nowadays.

    1. The skyrocketing cost of land coincided with plummeting farming income. Rents and prices rose but wages stagnated

      I totally agreed with my classmate, this is what is currently happening in most of the states

    1. In central America the Maya built massive temples, sustained large populations, and constructed a complex and long-lasting civilization with a written language, advanced mathematics, and stunningly accurate calendars.

      I'm from El Salvador and I had the opportunity to visit some temples that were constructed in El Salvador.

      The place is called San Andres, and according to Wikipedia, San Andres was the capital of a Maya polity with supremacy over other establishments. It is impressive to see how they managed to construct this temples.

      Here is the link from Wikipedia and they have some pictures of it:


    1. The people sacrificed some goats, and Eshu returned to the sky

      Was the sacrifice of goats necessary in order of Eshu to return to the sky?

  3. Aug 2015
    1. And God said, Let there be light: 2 Cor. 4.6 and there was light

      The creation of the sun, and also the division between the day and night.