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  1. May 2019
    1. The country’s economy is completely dependent on mining. Many poor families are completely dependent on their children working the mines. That $9/day is hard for a child to reject

      its weird how people are able to exploit these people legally, and if not legally than how have people not made an effort to stop them?

    2. Walt describes how the multibillion-dollar industry, that has made some people outside Africa really really rich, is not known to workers like Lukasa. He just sells his haul to Chinese traders who have seen their profits increase 400% over the last two years.

      I wonder if the people at the top of the company even know that this is going on with there "employees"

    3. Especially one child named Lukasa who gets up at 5 AM to work a 12-hour day for less than $9

      how is this allowed

    4. also care about the social issues that many of these technologies incorporate in their wake -
  2. Dec 2018
    1. 475,000 adolescents across 67 countries or regions

      that's a lot of analyzing

    2. gender-equality paradox


    3. Although women currently are well represented in life sciences

      why life science, why not other science?