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  1. Apr 2016
    1. Why any woman would support such a ridiculous and un-American proposal as this is beyond comprehension.

      The way she refers to a movement which is promoting equal rights as "un-American" seems to me like a bit of an oxymoron. It's like saying that fighting for what America was founded in is un-American. It makes no sense. Her language sounds as though she cannot understand why any woman would be unhappy living such a sheltered and cushioned life. It would be interesting to find out what type of upbringing or education the author had that may give reason as to why she is so complacent.

  2. Jan 2016
    1. make sharper the contrast between the House of Have and the House of Want

      The economy is driven by supply and demand.

    2. Equality of political rights will not compensate for the denial of the equal right to the bounty of nature. Political liberty, when the equal right to land is denied, becomes, as population increases and invention goes on, merely the liberty to compete for employment at starvation wages. This is the truth that we have ignored. And so there come beggars in our streets and tramps on our roads; and poverty enslaves men whom we boast are political sovereigns; and want breeds ignorance that our schools cannot enlighten; and citizens vote as their masters dictate; and the demagogue usurps the part of the statesman; and gold weighs in the scales of justice; and in high places sit those who do not pay to civic virtue even the compliment of hypocrisy; and the pillars of the republic that we thought so strong already bend under an increasing strain.

      This paragraph wisely incorporates some of the key words found in our Pledge of Allegiance: liberty, justice, and republic. The passage highlights the corruption the hides behind the principles our country is prided on. "The pillars of the republic" for which we stand are weakening, because there is not truly liberty and justice for all. Liberty requires equality, and justice cannot be influenced by money.