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  1. Feb 2022
    1. In the streets our heads are liftin'As we lose our inhibition

      The speaker uses,”lose our inhibition”as a form of connotation.Inhibition means that to prohibit or something that holds you back but the word’lose’ shows that they are losing their lack of freedom which shows positivity in doing so and also invokes oxymoron in it.”in the streets our heads are liftin”this is telling that the people are keeping thier heads up high and when people do that meaning they are focused on something in this case perhaps on a celebration.

    2. Stayin' forever young,Singin' songs underneath the sun

      “staying forever young”This expression forms the feeling of staying young where being young is a good side where they get to enjoy more in life and as we progress more into adulthood there will be more obstacles along the way and so by staying young still can have joy.”singin songs underneath the sun”Songs can be represented as positive tone”underneath the sun suggests how they are doing it all day long

    3. Let's rejoice in the beatiful gameAnd together at the end of the day

      In this song,”beautiful game” refers to the game of football.It is called that way as it gives you the feeling of joy and passion.In this phrase,the writer wants the people to show great joy or delight in the game of football.The word “beautiful game”also uses personification.”and together at the end of the day”This phrase is adding on that they would give passion till the very end which in this case till the end of the day.

    4. See the champions take the field nowUnify us,make us feel proud

      “See the champions take the field now”The writer is describing that how we should follow past leaders or captains example.How we should follow the role models and applying it when we are the ones taking over it in the future by the phrase,”take the field now” “unify us,make us feel proud”again,they are saying of how we as the leaders should be a good role model and unite the people in our surroundings.

    5. Now wave your flagNow wave your flag

      The repetition of these phrase shows how he will leave people passionate about something and encourage them to soar up high like a waving flag

    6. When i get older,i will be strongerThey'll call me "freedom"

      “they will call me freedom”this metaphor the speaker use shows how that when he gets older,he will be better better and stronger with the phrase,”when i get older,i will be stronger”Freedom represents the power to act or speak freely.

    7. Give me freedom,Give me fire,Give me reason,Take me higher

      The speaker is directing the song towards the theme ‘freedom’ “give me freedom,fire,reason”these metaphors used by the writer is saying that these are what is needed to take things to a higher level as seen in the following phrase,”take me higher”Freedom represents the power of right to act or speak,which shows the intensity the writer wants to take things higher.The word fire also could represent inspiration,which also is a powerful thing to use to take things more bigger.

    8. Celebration,it surrounds usEvery nation,all around us

      “Celebration,it surrounds us”Celebration can be represent as something great.Its showing of how greatness surrounds us.”every nation,all around us”this represents the theme of unity.It brings people together in this case,for the song,the writer is describing about how people come and gather together for a celebration

    9. Now wave your flagNow wave your flagNow wave your flagNow wave your flagNow wave your flagNow wave your flag

      over here it shows a repetition of the phrase”now wave your flag”Flag can symbolise as independence or freedom,the writer meant by waving it is to show it up high that they are living freely and soaring up high.The writer wants the people to know that he put in a lot of emotions and patriotism in the action of waving by repeating it several times.

    10. Just like a wavin' flag

      Here the speaker is connecting freedom to a waving flag,as a waving flag represents a stand which is similar to freedom and how the waving of the flag is soaring up high