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  1. Sep 2015
    1. He’s going to kill himself. You yourself should not be too sad about it, for at least I have found a few travelling companions to accompany me to the grave.

      Beard makes the audience think Gang Lu is going to commit suicide.

    2. The Milky Way is a long smear on the sky, like something erased on a blackboard

      Nice use of figurative language

    3. Currently he is obsessed with the dust in the plasma of Saturn’s rings. Plasma is the fourth state of matter. You’ve got your solid, your liquid, your gas, and then your plasma. In outer space there’s the plasmasphere and the plasmapause. I avoid the math when I can and put a layperson’s spin on these things. “Plasma is blood,” I told him. “Exactly,” he agreed, removing the comics page and handing it to me

      Beard incorporates the importance of the title of the piece