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    1. I didn’t, not really. I remember watching The Sixth Sense at one point but I had no idea what happened in that film until years later. I also caught Being John Malkovich once on CBC. Despite overwhelming disagreements whene


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    1. Log in to their publisher account

      So this means that we will have the ability to redirect the user to the publishers login control?

  7. Sep 2016
    1. Phelps says he picked Anthony Van Engelen for “services rendered” – in other words, dues paid over a 10+ year career.

      Wait.. Jake picked him? I thought it was skaters votes that determined the winner?

    1. rew install \

      postgres is needed locally as well?

    2. Upgrade pip, virtualenv and npm:

      So this also needs to be on the mac osx section

    3. It might be useful to add a "This is what the output will look like if the command is successful" type of block here