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  1. Jan 2015
    1. FM ordering is accompanied by a negative volume strain. With increasing temperature, there is a cation disorder or charge transfer induced LS–HS transition of the Co 3 C ion at the 16d site
    2. The magnetic nature of Co 3 O 4 reveals an incommensurate AFM order below T N [ 15 ], with the exchanges of Co 2 C ions at the 8a site and Co 3 C ions at the 16d site.



  2. Dec 2014
    1. Although the majority of studies generally neglect the pre- sence and effect of metastable states, Dorado and co-workers carried out a number of studies on UO 2 , 16–19 with metastable states being a key focus

      Look at these papers of Dorado et al.