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  1. Aug 2017
    1. Three topics modelled on 64,000 song lyrics: baby like come oh yeah let know gonna m go never get one na re hey love ll wanna man get like baby know let go ll got gonna love back girl feel away want oh gotta time take hey na que de y like la m get el te re tu en mi ang yo un ya sa es

      Not sure I'm fully understanding this reading but this made me laugh!

    1. he or she could mine digitized historical newspapers to discover how discussions of Lincoln evolved over time in those newspapers

      This is so interesting! Marketers use this as well when looking at opinions on social media. Facebook now allows for reactions to posts so you can see how specific demographics react to different posts such as products and news. There is so much data available, I am interested to see what type of relationships scholars are finding.

    2. 4,000,000 results

      I have created e-commerce websites in the past and you have to increase SEO by tagging products with specific words. If you have unrelated tags then search engines such as Google will filter you out making you less visible to people searching. It is important to understand what tags are specific to your product/article.

    1. Back to wrangling

      Always reassuring to know that even the pros struggle sometimes! I have a feeling there will be a lot of "wrangling" for all of us during this week's exercises! :)

  2. Jul 2017
    1. mbuing different neighborhoods with different meanings

      I was at Pure Kitchen on Elgin Street and they have a piece of writing on the wall that lists different areas of Ottawa and some of the characteristics of the people who live in them. I find it very interesting that where you live in a city already says a lot about a person. My parents are "Glebites" and they rarely use a car, instead bike everywhere, only purchase organic food, and their dog is their life! I live in Orleans however... need I say more?