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  1. Sep 2017
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    1. The one thing that I enjoy the most when I am outside of school is being around my family. In life all you have is your family because they will always be there to support you through anything.

      I can relate to J.D because when nobody has your back family does. Right, wrong or indifferent those are the only people who truly support every decision to make.

    2. English is always something I can go to when I feel like writing.

      I agree with you when you said this Ivana because when you write it's just a different way to express your feelings. Some people feel like writing more than talking to people. Im that kind of person. I'd rather write for myself to understand my own thoughts rather than others.

    3. I  love  sleeping  and  I  love  eating  pizza  and  wings.

      This sentence explains me , and I really relate to it. I love to watch football on sundays with my family and eat pizza and wings. I also love sleeping!