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  1. Jul 2021
    1. Advantages of the Employee Performance Tracking System The Employee Performance Tracking System is a mechanism that tracks a colleague's performance by tracking tasks assigned by the employee in real time. and also helps to make personal decisions, like promotion and discipline.

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    1. Benefits of Attendance Management System Attendance Management System enables employees to track their check-in and checkout. It is difficult to create a payroll system manually, but it can help you monitor specific employee hours.

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    1. How Task management software is useful for small as well as big organizations? Task management software is used to handle tasks performed by employees.. Essentially, this means that processes must be smooth and productivity must be improved and useful for any sized organizations.

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    1. Task Management Softwares Task Management Software is used to manage tasks by monitoring employees . You can track employees in real time, which will allow employees to concentrate more on their tasks.

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    1. eWorkspace This solution acts as a digital replication of your office space that creates a virtual office environment .It increases productivity and saves infrastructure cost and real time communication makes it feel like they are working together.

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    1. Attendance Management System This Attendance Management System is used to monitor employee check-in/checkout time, their working and non-working hours . It makes the employee more timely and focused.

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