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  1. Sep 2018
    1. aDd that it is something that wehave <lonc or failed to do as indivicluals that crcates a ratherProtestantizecl and privatc unhappiness'

      I like the idea that our unhappiness is a product of our high expectations. But that this is an innocence, or ignorance, that media is quickly unraveling. Although, you would think our history would do the same trick.

    2. It is at once an external reality and theresonance of the internal vicissitudes of man

      One of the refrains of this class has been the importance that both external an internal stimuli play on mythology. It’s incredible to think that these stories don’t simply exist because they’ve been written down. In many cases, the skeletons of these narratives have been hardwired into us. Even without name, or specificity, we would recognize them for what they are.