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  1. May 2021
    1. raditional expressions

      sovereignty is a traditional expression of power. Arguments 1?

    2. n other words, sovereignty was then challenging an international order based on an inequality of cultures and civilisations. Henceforth sovereignty is conceived as an unstable balance between the re-appropriation of the Western state model and a cultural contesting self-assertion.


    3. Before generating an institutional order, sovereignty was then conceived as a claim, a kind of rebellion, or a protest against an established political order dominated by the Empire and the Church.
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    1. Globalization is such a diverse, broad-based, and potent force that not even today's massive economic crash will dra matically slow it down or permanently reverse it. Love it or hate it, globalization is here

      THIS !!!i!

    2. GlobalizationAuthor(s): Moisés NaímSource: Foreign Policy, March/April 2009, No. 171 (March/April 2009), pp. 28-30, 32, 34Published by: Slate Group, LLC

      an article that goes against globalism

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    1. Author(s): Alicia WalkerSource: Studies in Iconography, 2012, Vol. 33, Special Issue Medieval Art History Today—Critical Terms (2012), pp. 183-196Published by: Board of Trustees of Western Michigan University through its Medieval Institute Publications and Trustees of Princeton UniversityStable URL: https://www.jstor.org/stable/23924282

      artistic globalism : could be used as an illustration of the benefits of globalism in the cultural argument.

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    1. Danish Institute for International StudiesReport Part Title: Introduction:Report Title: EXPLAINING GLOBALIZATION SCEPTICISM

      globalism and scepticism