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  1. May 2019
    1. Teck officials say the safety and stability of HVC’s tailings damn was not affected in any way and there was no environmental impacts as a result of the incident.

      there was no pollution caused because of the mines safety measures.

    2. Stannell says due to freezing, a leak occurred in the water pipeline that services the tailings facility, resulting in approximately 850 cubic meters of process water spewing from the pipeline

      cold weather can cause pipe lines the break.

    3. An investigation continues into what led to a large volume of contaminated water being leaked from the Highland Valley Copper Mine near Logan Lake.

      The Highland Valley copper mine in Canada leaked polluted water into near by lake.

  2. Dec 2018
    1. STEM careers are generally secure and well-paid


      the stem cell field is a desirable carer goal.

    2. Policymakers should reconsider failing national policies focusing on decreasing the gender imbalance in STEM, the researchers add.

      this type of thought is inherently sexist


    3. policies geared toward encouraging girls and women with strengths in science or math to participate in STEM fields.