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  1. Dec 2017
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    1. I like being to myself most of the time and just watching movies alone

      what are some of your favorite movies?

    2. I was the head of the dance team and the dance instructor’s right hand.

      thats so cool

    3. my birthday is July 19th 1998,

      are you a cancer ? me toooo

    4. i enjoy my work place because i’m learning new life skills when it comes to business and management

      would you ever major in business management in college

    5. Ever since i’ve started attending pulse high school i’ve found myself taking interests into living environment and music .

      thats very interesting

    6. i have four brothers and one sister , i’m the second youngest and then comes my little brother

      thats cool how old are they?

    7. I enjoy going shopping and playing soccer

      lets go shopping together

    8. Also I like drawing and learning how to play instruments.

      can you draw me a panda & what instruments do you know how to play ?

    9. He told me that I was capable of bringing greatness to the world and that I would be good in any career I pick

      I believe John is a very well educated young man with a lot of potential and ability to fulfill anything he proposes himself.