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  1. Sep 2020
    1. December 1912: Tagore

      I think it is interesting that this poem is in prose. What is meant when the writer said “brother of the stranger?

    2. January 1913: H.D.

      I think this poem would have done well if there was rhyme. What do they mean when they say the grains of sand are “clear as wine”

    3. April 1913: Pound

      This poem really emphasizes what is important to the writer, friends, and love. They make a point to say that they pity both he married and unmarried, either way you cannot win.

    4. June 1915: Eliot

      Why do they use rhyme in some lines but not others? Does the author do this to to emphasize the lines that rhyme?

    5. August 1918: Lowell

      I think it is interesting how she reuses the phrase “I am a woman, sick for passion”
She uses good things like bright flowers and “loveliness” and turns them into a bad thing.