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  1. Sep 2017
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    1. I do Drawing, Gaming, Woodworking, Jewelry Making, and Storytelling

      how cool! you are very productive.

    2. Greetings! My name is Epic J. Julian (Yes, Epic is actually my first name), I am a Junior (Even though students and staff keep thinking I’m a senior) at Rangeview High School in the beautiful but weather-unpredictable area of Aurora, Colorado

      Love the introduction!

    1. .Another fun fact I had a youtube in 6th grade but i thought that people could kidnap you so i deleted all my cool edited videos

      So funny

    2. .I like to play volleyball,but i didn’t try out for the school team.I also like homecoming week and this year i get to go to prom so i’m very excited.

      I can relate! It is going to be so much fun.

    3. Something big that happened to me was leaving my mom in Texas to come back to this boring box state

      Why didnt you stay with her?

    1. Something important to know about me is I truly love adventures.

      What kind of adventures do you like to go on?

    2. I do like meeting new people & getting that experience of having multiple friends.It’s hard for me to trust because growing up everyone I got close to always left me. I am still young & learning new things about myself everyday.

      I can completely relate to you.

    3. At my old school, I was a cheerleader

      become a cheerleader at RHS! you would do great.