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  1. Oct 2021
  2. Sep 2021
    1. Figure 3. Securities exchanges of the future

      New and alternate revenue streams

      • Monetization from raw transactional feeds, curated historical data, and analytical models
      • Application hosting platform for fintech and other ecosystem players *Small market exchange platform providing a suite of “soup to nuts” listing and secondary market services
      • Direct market access targeting specific customer segments (e.g., targeting VCs to trade in small market stocks

      Retail-like customer experience

      • Customer journey
      • Omni channel

      Automated control

      • operational control for risk mitigation

      Augmented workforce

      • Human + Digital labor (bot)
      • Automated workflow

      New - age product

      • Digital product
      • digitizing physical asset for tokenization to enable efficient transaction processing ?

      Next-gen scalable architecture

      • Operating env using next-gen tech platform
      • reduction of tech debt ?
    1. Areas of Integrated Governance

      Major areas of integrated governance for enterprise architecture looks like Integrated Project Management Framework

    2. modeling of requirements and solutions in a standardized way between multiple linesof business, which are referred to as architecture segments. So, as each segment is completed itadds to the architecture as a whole. By treating Jim’s area as the company’s financial segment,and Kate’s area as the production segment, we can just address these areas first, thereby reducingthe time for completion of the architecture part of the larger project that may implement acombined solution.

      modelling can be done in agile way - 1st come 1st serve