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  1. Jul 2020
    1. Dune Restoration Plan in Pebble Beach, with detailed implementation schedule.

    1. Webpage run by CSU Monterey Bay about their Restoration and Education Program.

    1. It's true that the charming "romcom" nature of the story, which is more about the viewers than it is about the unwitting participants, sort of blurs the lines and gets past our immediate defenses against privacy invasion. It's as though the targets were being perceived as fictional characters.

    2. Of course, the sexual implication is something he’d be praised for, while the woman is attacked.

      Another unavoidable consequence of viral stories on the web: slut-shaming and other endless misogyny.

  2. Jun 2020
    1. On Wild California Escape: San Francisco to Monterey Bay, you will be involved in the preservation of Monterey’s spectacular ecosystems by pitching in with a local conservation project for a day. As you work alongside local conservation leaders and volunteers, you’ll also learn about Monterey’s natural and cultural heritage, and gain a deeper understanding of what’s at stake when people and wild places coexist while you help to protect this environment for future generations.

      Volunteer Conservation vacations IN SF and Monterey Bay.

    1. The California Coastal Commission protects, conserves, & restores the coast for current & future generations.

      Posts on replanting native flora.

    1. It may be but the biggest threat to Black people is other Black people ,but of course that's a subject better left alone ,right Root?

      I was struck by this comment, not only because it brings up an incendiary half-truth, but because the name is "Black For Trump", which put up my guard, as I know loads of folks are posing with other identities to validate their points of view online.

    1. Well, it’d probably look like the Mad Max-like smoking heap of collisions, car fires, and carnage that is our modern web.

      This is powerful imagery. The web is chaotic anarchy where only the harshest voices can be heard.

    1. Partners Remove Invasive Plants from Monterey Bay Dune Habitats. Because of the invasive nature and habitat-altering qualities of the iceplant and European beachgrass, both species are considered major threats to native coastal dune species at the Martin Dunes and within the Monterey Bay Dunes Complex.