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  1. Dec 2019
    1. This is sickening. Poor girl.. what is wrong with our society. The men get praised for things as such and women most of the time gets shamed. I feel bad for her.

    2. I would be annoyed if this happened to me. My love life is my own and a story that should be shared by me if online. This is a violation of privacy even if no harm was intended what if they didn't want the attention.

    1. This poor kid. Consent is a must have its not right to do this to anyone. The poor kid was humiliated.

    2. This is crazy. I m not really into looking at memes but I have seen them all over. I never thought of them as invasions of privacy but it makes sense.

    1. This is crazy. Any act such as the one he committed should be considered and act of terrorism.

    2. Investigation admitted that prejudiced assumptions against the Black Lives Matter movement, Muslim Americans and black identity extremists was all a lie. Intelligence officials sat in front of lawmakers and openly admitted that white supremacists and right-wing violence are the biggest domestic terror threat but also admitted that federal agencies aren’t really doing anything about it.

      This was an interesting statement. I feel that all should be treated as equals. Its all about how the movements are demonstrated. All types of groups if not organized or peaceful can be considered a threat. What is seen as threats when it comes to movements shouldn't be based on race, gender, and so fourth it should souly be based on how it is ran and how everyone acts.

    1. This make sense it is good to make technology users more aware of what they are getting into instead of going in blind getting incredible sources of information.

    2. I see how the car scenario relates to the internet. Double checking makes for a better outcome in both scenarios.

    3. Thats crazy to me. Ive alwaysa thought that the check mark was ligit but now I understand that I cant trust everything even if "verified".

    4. Again, same process. Now does this mean that you are 100% sure that it’s not Billie Joe that wrote that article? No — there’s a slight slight chance that maybe somehow the lead singer of Green Day wrote a —

      I try to get my sister to understand that you cant believe everything that is online such as this. Alot of times articles or social media on such topic are just trying to get attention.

    5. seem like there is a lot of stuff to learn here, but you’ll notice that it comes down to the same strategies repeated in different contexts. This repetition is a feature, not a bug.

      This is a very true point. I thought of reputation as a bug when I was in middle school. But now I find that it helps me stay organized and refreshed.

    1. I found that I was carrying the film with me as I moved through the world; Black Panther came up in my conversations with Black people who were strangers, as if we were old friend

      The movie unified the African American community

    2. Once the film was released, Black audiences experienced freedom from fan labor practices typically used when consuming content without significant Bla

      This movie created a big impact on African Americans. They felt spoken to and empowered.

    3. "But for African-American girls like me, identification with Meg was not as easy. Even as we saw parts of ourselves in Meg's heroism, we also had to resist our own invisibility in a novel that was unable or unwilling to imagine any people of color as inhabitants of the many planets, including Earth, to which its characters traveled."

      Its crazy how much empowerment a movie can bring, yet there is still doubt in abilities for those who take in the movies or novels