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  1. Sep 2017
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    1. I mean it’s a 50 50 throw up ummm like my family likes me and i cost a lot.Umm i only speak english so that’s pretty good it’s a common language.

      Okay but why are you so funny?

    2. A time I have experienced an injustice was when my sister was given money even though she acts bad and doesn’t have really good grades. She got money even though she is rude to us and our parents. That was unfair because I try to do good in school and be responsible and my parents wont give me money in reward.

      I am your sister in these paragraphs I swear ! I don't really do good in school or like outside of school but if I ask my mom if I can get some money for food or the weekend she never says no! My sister on the other hand gets no money and shes like a saint.

    3. I was born in Denver, Colorado. I have lived in Aurora, Colorado most of my life.

      Girl same tell me why I been here for the longest too. You ever plan on moving?

    4. One way my family’s structure changed was by our traditions and what we were used to doing. These changes were negative in some ways.

      This stood out to me because when I used to live with my dad before I stayed with my grandparents a lot of things that could have benefited me in the future did not come with me. For example, he spoke Spanish to me but when I moved out I forgot how to speak Spanish.