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  1. Feb 2020
  2. Jul 2017
    1. Carroll MW (2015) Sharing Research Data and Intellectual Property Law: A Primer. PLoS Biol 13(8): e1002235. http://dx.doi.org/10.1371/journal.pbio.10022358.


  3. May 2017
    1. When I suggested none of them could dodge the assignment by claiming half their feed was “fake news” — simply because they disagreed with it, as the current President is wont to do — they mostly just laughed … grimly.

      This is awesome.

  4. Jun 2016
    1. Subjects

      1) Is Subjects a good tab description of what one can do here? 2) How do we add categories?

    1. Terms & Conditions

      When clicked this leads to the .com pages. Correct the link pls.

    1. Start A Project

      Is Project same as "Collection" or Work? Confusing terminology here.

    2. ZIP files may contain folders containing images.Each folder will be treated as a different document, so do not mix pages from different documents in the same folder.Each PDF will be treated as its own document, so do not split pages from the same document among more than one PDF.

      This section may need screen shot. See example?

    3. (This may require "zero-padding" f

      The term may require explanation. The example is good but I think we need to get the user to think of the size of their collection and do the padding according. If you have a million images in a given file you need 6 figures for accuracy.

    4. Home

      Add> Dashboards

  5. Nov 2015
    1. Have you heard that Syriza is a ‘rough translation’ of a Greek verb meaning ‘to wrest back power from a neoliberal global economic conspiracy of elite cronyism and structural inequality, and start a programme of radical resource redistribution and social justice, while wondering whether you will soon be ousted by a CIA-sponsored coup’?

      Wow! If that's true it is in the past tense which is even more powerful than your translation: I HAVE seized power from a neoliberal global economic conspiracy of elite cronyism and structural inequality, and start a programme of radical resource redistribution and social justice. Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Words have meaning, and power. This article has reminded me that. And how hard it is to translate.

  6. Sep 2015
    1. Second, this archive is meant to bridge a gap between the digital world, where anything that cannot be concretely categorized is often left by the wayside, and the physical object with its rich set of significations. Rather than the standard structure of a TEI document, an alternative TEI schema privileging the manuscript page as an object and its appearance has been used throughout. Additionally, where necessary other metadata standards have been incorporated into the description as well. In this way, the hope is that the physical object is described and displayed in a way that preserves the connections made by the physical object itself while also holding to common and accepted metadata standards.

      Makes sense to me after 2 years of postdoc. Is it at all possible to simplify this to a non TEI using audience--if you want to appeal to them?

    1. I utilize the system described by Michelle P. Brown in her Guide to Western Historical Scripts from Antiquity to 1600 (Toronto, 1993), but modified for the purposes of presentation on the web. This is especially evident in the case of painted items like the Clopton Chapel. Generally speaking, though:

      I think this is the perfect place to explicate why your editorial is different than TEI.

    2. This page, presented as a series of questions, is intended to help prevent that abstraction. It is also intended to remind the reader that although these items are currently being viewed digitally they exist in the physical world as very real objects and that both the decisions made and the means by which they are interpreted should reflect that.
    3. I think this part is great, Matt. This site is essentially trying to bridge that gap between the image and text, and MS context that holds both of them.