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  1. Aug 2022
  2. Jun 2022
    1. Bush urges that scientists should turn to the massive task of creating more efficient accessibility to our fluctuating store of knowledge.
    2. concept of the memex that would make knowledge more accessible

      good to know

    3. Bush expresses his concern for the direction of scientific efforts toward destruction, rather than understanding

      mood bro

    1. Each society would maintain a 'master memex' containing all papers, references, tables "intimately interconnected by trails, so that one may follow a detailed matter from paper to paper, going back through the classics, recording criticism in the margins."

      reminds me of Project Xanadu

    1. We've found that the extra duplication in the names of files is worth the productivity benefit when scanning for a specific open file.


    1. One huge advantage to scaling up is that you’ll get far more feedback for your Insight through making process. It’s true that Effective system design requires insights drawn from serious contexts of use, but it’s possible to create small-scale serious contexts of use which will allow you to answer many core questions about your system.

      I like this bit

    1. In a recent experiment, it was shown that inducing a positive mood can buffer the impairing effects of ego depletion on subsequent performance.


    1. The language of the amendment, Anderson says, was crafted to ensure that slave owners could quickly crush any rebellion or resistance from those whom they’d enslaved.

      holy shit

    2. racial distinctions in Americans’ treatment of gun ownership

      very interesting sentence

    1. battery technology is far from advanced enough to make it worthwhile to store and transport energy from these rural regions into the urban centers that need it

      One of my projects is making a network of self sustaining local power stations

    2. enormous quantities of renewable hydro energy are wasted every year

      energy is wasted.... see, you don't hear that in the arguments

    3. In December 2019, one report suggested that 73% of Bitcoin’s energy consumption was carbon neutral, largely due to the abundance of hydro power in major mining hubs such as Southwest China and Scandinavia.

      I need to compile more data on this type of stuff

    4. Energy Consumption Is Not Equivalent to Carbon Emissions

      this is a good sentence that I'm going to be using

    5. ponzi scheme

      I'm sorry but "bitcoin is a ponzi scheme" is one of the dumbest arguments I hear. Bitcoin has a lot of shit wrong with it. This isn't one of the reasons tho

    6. But how much energy should a monetary system consume?

      People don't talk about this enough. They say bitcoin uses a lot. and it's bad for the environment. WE NEED TO USE ENERGY AS A SOCIETY. The conversation needs to be about fuel alternatives, not about using less energy

    1. When trauma-associated physiologic and emotional reactions persist over time and adversely impact a patient’s functioning, trauma-related disorders should be ruled out.


    1. But “decentralization” is also not a value in itself, and it’s not enough to build the kinds of technological networks we need to confront intensifying global crises.


    2. Which is all the more reason why we can’t let such powerful tools for mass coordination become monopolized by those who merely want to amass wealth or control.

      this is very important. too many people throw the baby out with the bathwater. if we demonize web3 only the people in power will continue to wield its power.

    3. burn a grotesque amount of energy (particularly those based on Proof-of-Work), or require tons of hardware usage (leading to immense waste).

      we have a much bigger problem here. We need to find alternative energy sources. simply "not using energy" is not a solution and should not be touted as one for any advanced civilization

    4. Instead of merely being not centralized, we wanted to define what it was that we stood for.

      that part

    5. If sufficiently decentralized, will these technologies fix all that ails us?

      this is the billion dollar question

    6. describing Web 1.0, Web 2.0, and Web3 as “the hosted web, the posted web, and the signed web,” respectively.

      hosted and posted rhyme, signed doesn't. I get it tho

    7. they rarely (if ever) address fundamental issues of power that made the old web toxic

      possibly even amplifies existing power structures? i.e. rich get richer

    8. the term Web3 was already used to describe a future semantic Web

      that part

    9. but where it gets spicy is when you start to project ethical attributes to these movements

      I love when people use spicy as a metaphor lol

    10. What matters in this discussion – in any discussion over a technology really – is who’s designing it, who controls it, and who stands to benefit?

      that part

  3. Apr 2022
    1. That people show off these illegible globs in public only makes sense from a signaling perspective: They are saying, “look at how many nodes I have in my brain, amazing nodes, I have so many nodes that a peon such as yourself can’t even guess what’s going on here!”

      good point

    2. The problem with the Knowledge Graph ideology is that everything in your mind is already situated in a graph structure. That is precisely the problem.


    3. All you have to do is take cute little notes all the time, and the hard work is magically done for you!


    4. The deep and urgent sense that we’re all drowning in information and distraction has created a massive market for anything that claims to solve this problem.


  4. Feb 2022
    1. If imbalance exists in the brain–gut–microbiota axis, various kinds of diseases—including mental health disorders like depression—may occur

      very interesting

    1. The rate of death from overdoses of prescription opioids in the United States more than quadrupled between 1999 and 2010


    1. psychotic symptoms are a recognised feature of alcohol withdrawal

      interesting, did not know this

    2. ketamine

      I wonder if they consider a "k-hole" psychosis

    3. stimulants (amphetamines, methamphetamines and cocaine)

      I didn't realize these were associated with psychotic experiences

    1. indeed, difficulties falling or staying asleep are a symptom of the diagnoses of depression, generalised anxiety disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder


    2. Anomalies of experience such as perceptual distortions and hallucinations are also considered a key cause of paranoia

      I wonder if doing drugs that are serotonin analogues causes weed to make more perceptual distortions

    3. Insomnia symptoms were clearly associated with higher levels of persecutory ideation.

      here it is again

    4. Thus insomnia may contribute to the formation and maintenance of persecutory ideation.

      this makes sense (I have insomnia)

    1. For over seven years, Microsoft Research has been proud to have one of its AI research projects contribute to the open exchange of knowledge within the research community. We are now evolving our focus to explore how we can advance these AI technologies in Microsoft 365 to empower every person and organization to derive valuable insights from their content.

      I feel like this really says "Our AI tech is really fucking good, we don't want you to know how good so we are shutting this down"

      Like why else shut down an academic resource? Lack of funding? ha they are made of gold.

    1. "predatory publishing".


    2. This service does not directly contain full-text content itself

      metasj says that original source isn't necessary and that, in fact, meta information is even better than source (If I understand them properly) They are very smart but I feel like our current issues with things like sci-hub and elsevier and Aaron Swartz are indicators that the source research maybe play a vital role in all this

    3. providing a manifest of full-text content versions and locations.

      I'm not sure what they mean by "manifest".

    1. a proper justification for holding a belief

      according to who? the linked article sounds like some supernatural bullshit, not science

  5. Jan 2022
    1. Mitragynine counters serotonin 5-HT2A receptors

      does this mean it activates them or blocks them?

    2. as many kratom users have concurrent other substance use

      it's almost like there's another factor cough capitalism cough

    3. There is need for standardizing methods of kratom alkaloid detection in reported users.

      why? so they actually test for it?

    4. nab

      what is a nab?

    5. indicating possible permanent effects of kratom in brain structure

      brain lesions

    6. while completing steps toward reaching a high social status

      sounds like people doing coke in the 80's

    7. The patient was well-educated and upper socioeconomic class

      i.e. under capitalism social class fucks you over

    8. tramadol


    9. positive for benzodiazepines

      mufucker has a benzo problem not a kratom problem just saying

    10. which he obtained through dark internet sites

      I wonder why? I thought it was generally available in most places?

    11. paroxetine

      paxil SSRI

    12. sertraline

      zoloft SSRI

    1. was without risks factors for epilepsy

      look up risk factors for epilepsy

    2. tonic–clonic

      seizures are horrible but this is a funny name

    3. No standard methods exist to detect Kratom or its metabolites on drug screening.

      did not know this

    1. A measure of emotion recognition was used in which participants identified facial expressions as they changed from neutral (open-mouth) to gradually more intense expressions of sadness, neutral, anger or happiness (open or closed mouth)

      I really want video footage of this

    1. Psilocybin with psychological support appears to improve processing of emotional faces in treatment-resistant depression, and this correlates with reduced anhedonia.

      I wonder if there is some sort of emotion mimicry going on here

    2. reduction in anhedonia

      anhedonia is the inability to feel pleasure

    3. 1 month later after two doses of psilocybin

      1 month later after the dose or 1 month later they tested them while high? this is ambiguous

    1. There were no significant differences between participants randomised to SSRIs versus placebo on number of suicides

      I feel like this is important to note

    2. meta-analysis showed that SSRIs versus placebo significantly increased the risk of a serious adverse event

      I mean this kinda makes sense, like if the drug causes adverse effects, there will be adverse effects. don't most dugs have adverse effects?

    3. All trials had high risk of bias

      I see this recurring in these studies

    4. It has been speculated that the ‘placebo’ response in antidepressant trials has been increasing during recent years

      why is this?

    5. However, whether these effects are beneficial and clinically meaningful are the questions.

      exactly, just because you flood the brain with serotonin doesn't mean you trigger any significant circuitry

    6. Montgomery-Asberg Depression Rating Scale

      look this up

    7. Hamilton Depression Rating

      note to self, research what this means

    8. fluoxetine

      this is the one I am prescribed

    9. he evidence on the effects of SSRIs is unclear

      unclear how? like they didn't use proper science?

    10. potential small beneficial effects

      this seems to contradict https://hypothes.is/a/-xD1gIJsEeyWcF-I9CPIsA which concluded they were effective. Almost like researchers are biased when science is all about capitalism

    11. SSRIs significantly increase the risk of both serious and non-serious adverse events.

      The reason I stopped taking SSRI is because I didn't feel the benefits outweighed the side effects enough

    1. these studies have been based on outdated or limited datasets and have used inappropriate statistical methods

      why are scientists using "inappropriate" methods? Like ... I blame capitalism again

    2. Contrary to the widely held belief, the average placebo response rates in antidepressant trials have been stable

      figure out what this means

    1. Both TCAs and SSRIs are effective for depression treated in primary care.

      I read a paper where they said SSRIs were about as efficacious as placebo so this is good news to me

    1. determine the safety, efficacy and optimal dose of psilocybin

      the hard thing with dosing is that unless you have synthetic psilocybin [[indocybin]] it's hard to calculate dosage because different mushrooms have difference concentrations of psilocybin. Even for the same mushroom specimen, psilocybin density isn't the same throughout.

    2. The medium- to long-term consequences of COVID-19 are not yet known
    1. The plant seems to have opposite effects that contradict each other

      The alkaloids trigger different receptors


    1. University of Mississippi

      Did the University take this picture in Asia or are they growing the plant at the University?

    1. also known as ketum

      by who?


    1. An Interconnected Framework for Assessment of Digital Multimodal Composition

      I find it ironic that the pdf version of this has no annotations but the web version has a ton

    1. I wish I could forcibly start animal crossing music playing on people's computers while they're talking to me. maybe [[mozilla hubs]] really should be the office of the future...

      I'm on board for this future

    2. now using [[foam]] in [[paramita]], [[logseq]] in [[nostromo]]. I intend to keep it that way for a while I think? worked quite a bit, but got some stuff done -- happy about it learnt about [[gnu stow]] for managing [[dotfiles]]. [[agora]] I need to get back to some threads over social media:

      these are some good links to check out, thanks

    3. logseq]] sometimes 'snaps out' of my settings and goes back to writing pages in pages/ and journals in the IMHO weird format yyyy_MM_dd and so on

      I would submit a bug

    4. [[why don't we have both|por qué no los dos]] :)

      I don't think it's possible to have both because the agora has to pick a display version and a link version if these are opposite one is always going to be wrong.

    1. I think trust in itself is actually just a bad thing all around.

      I feel like trust is really just an assumption and assumptions should be minimized regardless of context.

  6. takingnotenow.blogspot.com takingnotenow.blogspot.com
    1. while also recognising another important subject you also want to write about later.

      interesting they are essentially saying the point of a wikilink is to bookmark something you want to write later, it's essentially entity based annotations. very much in the same vein as [[wikidata]]

    2. the humble double bracketed internal link.

      the [[agora]] is making [[ wikilinks]] not so internal

    1. anyhow their parents wouldn’t allow them to drop out.

      my parents let me drop out in highschool. Im a software engineer now 🤷‍♀️

    1. "Discord but open source

      this is what I tell people

    2. Matrix is a federating database, kind of?

      it's a DAG which is essentially a database

  7. www.freefairandalive.org www.freefairandalive.org
    1. To prevent any misunderstanding: the commons is not just about small-scale projects for improving everyday life. It is a germinal vision for reimagining our future together and reinventing social organization, economics, infrastructure, politics, and state power itself.

      the commons is the new nation state

    1. Pluriverse names an understanding of the world in which countless groups of people create and re-create their own distinctive cultural realities, each of which constitutes a world.

      At one point in time I started entering spaces into annotations to "highlight" them, now I regret not putting annotations in when I'm reviewing.

    1. He was also a pioneer of post-growth economics

      note to self look into post growth economics

    2. Social capital can be conceived of as an asset that arises from and enables the use of networks existing in a community in such a way that norms of trust and reciprocity are promoted.C166

      reminds me of utility coins from crypto networks that facilitate the usage of the network

    3. 5. Intention. The commoners need to believe that the success of the enterprise will bring results that they want. They must know what they want, and know that if they do not take the necessary action themselves, no one else is going to do it for them.C159

      this is why I think the [[moloch]] paradigm is very powerful.

    4. 6. Common understanding. There must be agreement in the community about the nature of the task and about the contribution that their actions can make towards it.C160

      I like this. things to think about

    1. Local and Global online and cyber currencies / credit systems may play a major role in cosmo-localims, facilitating the exchange of economic value and investments across space and time in ways that are not constrained by traditional currency capital flows

      crypto / LETS

    1. Others have argued that cosmolocalism advances alternatives that could potentially undermine dominant capitalist imaginary significations, attitudes and modalities.

      OMG I hope this is a thing

    2. Italian social innovation scholar Ezio Manzini describes cosmopolitan localism as having the potential to generate a new sense of place.


    3. Cosmopolitan localism fosters a global network of mutually supportive communities (neighbourhoods, villages, towns, cities and regions) who share and exchange knowledge, ideas, skills, technology, culture and (where socially and ecologically sustainable) resources.

      reminds me of the agora

    1. :LOGBOOK: CLOCK: [2022-01-25 Tue 21:08:03]--[2022-01-25 Tue 21:08:04] => 00:00:01 :END:

      What is this syntax?

    2. I will probably try to take [[outliner mode]] notes in [[logseq]] and write [[text mode]] in [[foam]] or even [[vim]] (assuming I'd be mostly adding to already existent pages seeded with [[agora protocol]]).

      I use a combination of all the above

    1. but is also breaking backwards compatibility

      I feel like this is fine. each language has their own parser. I guess it might be a problem when you write the wrong syntax due to muscle memory

  8. Nov 2021
    1. For example, whereas white American women may feel they must unfairly maintain the “purity” they are assumed to have been born with, American women of color and women from other cultures may feel they must attain purity, as it is not something they are assumed to have been born with within the sub-culture.

      oh shit

    1. a belief is nothing more than an idea that we have validated in some way


    2. their desire to change must be greater than their desire to stay the same


    3. knowing what makes us indulge in uncharacteristic behaviour is a huge catalyst for change

      that part

  9. Sep 2021
    1. Protocols created for the World Wide Web don’t take into account the possibility of local digital territories


    2. reinforcing local cultural identity

      I like this

  10. Aug 2021
    1. People experiencing limerence demand return.


    2. Scientists say that, one person can’t experience limerence and love at the same time because while the former is selfish and unsatisfying, the latter is rewarding and liberating.


    3. They might share the same storybook but can never be on the same page.

      damn thats deep

  11. Jul 2021
    1. if you belong to a dominant group (say, white folks), and you’re borrowing from a minority group whose oppression you benefit from (say, Black folks), then you need to be extremely careful, and probably get permission. If the group tells you it’s hurtful/offensive, it’s best to take their word for it. 

      this is racist. permission from who? black people in general? your black friends? black people aren't a monolith

    1. Trans people are “the best of both worlds.” Ew. Gross. If you’ve ever uttered this sentence, please go wash your mouth out with soap and possibly formaldehyde if you’re thinking about saying it again.

      I get this so often

    1. was a fan of [[cannabis]] it seems

      hell yeah

    1. accommodate the social and political order of the polis

      testing agora integration

  12. Jun 2021
    1. backlinks can be overwhelming: how to express which subset of them you are interested in.

      This is why I stopped using [[wikilinks]] for [[agora actions]] because my backlinks were oftentimes irrelevant

    1. This idea is important enough that I’ve given it a name. I call it the100x Multiplier. For those of us living in rich countries, you should expectto be able to do at least one hundred times as much to benefit other peopleas you can to benefit yourself.
    1. Startups, like the male anatomy, are designed for liquidity events.

      "male anatomy" these people don't even realize how cringe they are

  13. Jan 2021
    1. 7.5 USD

      I thought 250 sounded low but I guess they have tons of users so makes sense

    2. cited yearly value of a facebook user at 250 USD.

      It's interesting to think in terms of dollar value per person per year on something like facebook.

    1. A vscode extension -- like foam.

      How is this different/better from [[FOAM]]?