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  1. Nov 2020
    1. "Girls don't slam doors like that." "Girls keep their knees together when they sit down." And worse still, when I asked some questions, "That's none of girls’ business."

      Only girls had to follow a lot of social rules, be quiet when not talked to, never give their opinion and behave like a lady.

    2. I did not expect my father to pay any attention to what she said

      "I did not expect my father to pay any attention to what she said"... as if the words coming from a woman were completely unimportant or not worthy of consideration.

    3. Wait till Laird gets a little bigger, then you'll have a real help.

      Again, this comment stands up to discriminate girls, as not capable of providing real help.

    4. It was an odd thing to see my mother down at the barn. She did not often come out of the house unless it was to do something – hang out the wash or dig potatoes in the garden. She looked out of place,

      Women were supposed to do house chores only. Otherwise, they would be out of place. That's why the girl was so proud to be allowed to help her father.

    5. "Could of fooled me," said the salesman. "I thought it was only a girl."

      The comment "I thought it was only a girl" speaks of how little was expected from females doing men's jobs.

    6. These stories were about myself, when I had grown a little older; they took place in a world that was recognizably mine, yet one that presented opportunities for courage, boldness, and self-sacrifice, as mine never did.

      The girl invents stories where she is a heroine, she rode horsed and shot guns and was big enough to work as a shield to protect people, although she was not a man.

    7. Boys and Girls

      From the title, the story gives a prime role to men. Why not call it "Girls and boys"?

    8. After we had sent to bed

      This sentence is wrong. Should read: "After we were sent to bed..." or "After we had been sent to bed"

  2. Dec 2019
    1. Pygmalion,

    2. She had become perfect for him.

    3. "It's awfully late", he warned her

    4. Her eyes had mockery in them, and she laughed

    5. Her feet, swinging up and down high in the air, seemed to be nodding at him.

    6. ---"not doing the can-can, for God's sake.

    7. “You’re glad to be rid of me, aren’t you?” he said.