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  1. Jul 2021
    1. spreading activation


      This is how we got activated by the word "dog"

    2. it might’ve activated other memories instead.

      one word represents the whole context

      • we rather activate the meaning instead of describe the meaning
    3. I certainly made this mistake back when I started trying to put information directly into Anki.

      you didn't encode the word yet, but you directly put that to anki flashcard

    4. fill in the FEW gaps when you start reading your textbook.

      when you read textbook for review again, you will mostly understand everything and fill a few gap)

    5. reduces the brainpower needed to understand new information.

      Comment: that's why i feel so exhausted when reading the caption & listening at the same time!!!!

      (so if you really can't listen, then you better reduce your sound level to zero, and purely read.)))

    6. Build upon what you already know before writing it down.

      Build upon means you should already have a base for that, so you can build on it

      ( that's why prerequisite is very important)

    7. encoding paradigm

      we will focus on this, and ignore storage paradigm

    8. yourself

      relearning (or rereading haha)

    9. is understanding, not complete notes.

      loss function is understanding the note, not complete note

      so don't try to focus on taking note as an objective, but rather use it as a tool

    1. 4 also resembles a backwards R


    2. Explanation
    3. s

      It's just an alternative of z

      as you know creating a word with the same letter is something not memorable

      like ZiZler is worse than SiZler

    4. Number Pegs


      ? Is it just how w connect Ball(0) with John & connect stick(1) with Sara ??

    5. Manycompetitive memorizers create images from 000 to 999 (1,000 images)

      They create their own mnemonic which fit for themselves

    6. a sequence of numbers

      tel number

    1. From the mnemonic

      coffee on the right hand

    2. you remember the mnemonic, but not what it represents.

      such as

      • mercury venus earth mars jupiter saturn uranus neptune

      and your mnemonic is

      • meen's van eat mon ; jay swim ur nipple

      you may remember the mnemonic but you are unable what mnemonic represent; for ex: you don't know what does meen's represents

    3. Loci

      ตำแหน่ง เช้น วางไว้ที่ห้องนอน

    1. Again, whenever you feel lost with your productivity system, just go back here to get yourself an overview. If it’s still not enough, just tell me about it and I’ll see what I can do.

      Whenever you feel lost in the forest then go back to this article to make you view the big picture

    2. delayed gratification.


      like I want to play brawl star when i'm burnt out

    3. extrinsic motivation components


    4. they miss the big picture.

      To make it real, you must create a whole system instead of spill each hack tips

    1. selected text (i.e. the quote)

      body of annotation, can include markup

    2. mitigating the root

      ?Are you talking about the mistake we made while in workflow. Like making non-atomic question, and we may break em once we realize

    3. note-taking and reading are reciprocal skills

      reciprocal = ซึ่งกันและกัน

    4. because you don’t have something to build it upon.

      we don't have base cuz we just memorize not build the base

    5. cognitive scaffold

      It's how we build upon the knowledge from the base

    6. Note-taking and non-atomic question formulation is pretty modular, meaning you can eventually remove them as you gain the skill to create atomic questions really fast.

      when you start review on a loop, you will be able to recognize that this question is able to break into pieces

    1. selected text (i.e. the quote)

      body of annotation, can include markup

    2. selected text (i.e. the quote)

      body of annotation, can include markup

    3. selected text (i.e. the quote)

      body of annotation, can include markup



    1. ทุกคนมี copy ของไฟล์ทั้งหมดอยู่ที่ local computer

      Version control sys. มี 2 types: Central & Distributed version control

      1. Central : ไม่มี copy ไฟล์ (ไม่มีให้ backup)
      2. Dist. : มี copy of files ใน local computer อยุแล้ว
    2. เราต้องการเปรียบเทียบความแตกต่างของไฟล์เวอร์ชันต่างๆ ได้

      Git purpose This is called "Version control System (VCS) which