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  1. Oct 2019
    1. The Center for Teaching Excellence

      Our Center hopes that you will enjoy this site experience and look to connect with us directly.

  2. Jul 2019
    1. Makes personal devices relevant

      Good point - "makes ... relevant" is a weaker verb phrase. Trying to think through other verb choices.

    2. Do we have a transparent Nearpod image?

    3. open questions

      open-ended questions

  3. May 2019
    1. fixed mindset culture of genius to a growth mindset culture of development

      This article asserts that this is the culture, but is it truly? Are the statistics simply demographically descriptive? Culture affirms language, entrance/exit rituals, social practices, communication styles, shared affinities. This journal emphasizes that their quantity of representation is enough to state that this is a culture in and of itself, but I do not think it provides the scale or scope of assessments to prove that there is a culture at work here.

    2. at little to no cost

      Working with faculty is expensive. Whether it is just an emailed memo, it still requires their time (which is expensive). If it's more than a memo, then it requires the time and money of the personnel set to support the faculty in this development (expensive). If it gets down to the one-on-one pairing of a support person with a faculty member, this proposal will be astronomically expensive.

    3. feel that they are valued and encouraged to reach their full potential

      How is this measured? How was it evaluated? Is it a safe assertion for this research to claim?

    4. Fixed mindset beliefs are changeable.

      If a fixed mindset belief, functionally, is changeable, then how is this evaluation of that mindset over a two year period honest to the idea of human interaction and development? So much can happen within the construct of beliefs that we must assume we're wrong before we ever assert that we're right.

    5. to their non-stereotyped peers

      Misnomer: all persons are subject to biases and stereotyping.

    6. These Pygmalion effects are even stronger for URM students (11, 12)

      Allegedly stronger. Studies suggest, but even the Pygmalion effect apparently has a murky history.

    7. Pygmalion effects

      Never heard this term before.

    8. they may be exacerbated

      Always good to watch our language: may be exacerbated is a perception and a suggestion, not a conclusion.