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  1. Oct 2016
    1. Apainting,howeverlarge,musrfinallybeboundedbyaframeorawall.Acomposerorplaywrightmustreckon,atamini#mum,withthecapacityofanaudiencetositstillandpayattention

      Were limits learned by time and society or did we always have them instilled in us? ( ex: attention span of an audience)

    2. Itishardtomakethemostofonelife.

      It might be hard but is it impossible?

    3. Thereisnowagrowingperception,andnotjustamongafewexperts,thatweareenteringatimeofinescapablelimits.

      Why are we noticing now that life and especially the time we've come at, has inescapable limits? We should've already realized that everything has a limit just like our own lives do.