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  1. Mar 2022
    1. efficient 有效率的

      effectively 有效的

      severely adv 严重地

      reliability n 可靠性

      pinpoint vt 准确指出

      mutate v 转变 转换

      adopt v 选用 采用

      approach n 方法

      rationality n 合理性

      explicit adj 明确的

      resistant adj 有抵抗力的 抵抗的

      notoriously adv 臭名昭著的

    2. as explicit message passing is commonlybelieved to be more resistant to concurrency bugs



    1. As a result

      Definition of as a result : because of something

    2. encouraged

      give support, confidence, or hope to (someone)

    3. deserve

      do something or have or show qualities worthy of (reward or punishment);

    4. ordinary

      with no special or distinctive features; normal;

    1. egardless of


    2. Programs tend to have many occurrences of the same lexeme


    3. undesirable


    4. In either case


    5. conceivable

      conceivable [adj] 可能的;可想象到的

    6. provision

      provision [n] 准备

    7. sufficient

      sufficient [adj] 足够的;充足的

    8. robust

      robust [adj] 强壮的;结实的