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  1. Oct 2016
    1. “buttload” of money.

      When woman brag about money they're seen as annoying, petty, conceited, not worthy of the money

      When men brag about money, they're praised, they're seen as smart and intelligent, they earned their money out work

    2. “The point of the hegemonic perspective is not that television never changes—it clearly does—but that it is less progressive than we think. The medium adjusts to social change in a manner that simultaneously contradicts or undercuts a progressive premise”

      The hegemonic aspect shows both sides of male and female dominance but is less progressive than people think

    3. “femininity and intelligence can both be completely developed. Femininity and success, however, are mutually exclusive”

      You can have qualities of a feminist and be intelligent; but you cant be a feminist and obtain success

      Why is this an either or thing?

      Does having feminist qualities make you a less of a successful person in life?

    4. “the naïve expert;”

      Women are portrayed this way: explains that their emotions get in the way of their contributions to science

    5. hows using traits such as “intelligence, domi-nance, alone, and respected”

      Uses quote to support male instead of female roles; not really an effective technique

      Could have had a counter quote to support female roles

    6. “an established setting and small group of ongoing char-acters who each week encounter low-stakes comedic mishaps that are happily resolved by the end of the half-hour epi-sode”

      Just shows what kind of settings the characters may encounter and how that can shape their representation of those characters