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  1. Mar 2021
    1. ers. Their complaints have varied over the years, but most objections gen- erally fall into one of two categories: YA books are bad because 1. They aren't the Classics. 2. They corrupt the youn

      What does it mean to be classic? Who decides whether a book is classic or not? Shakespeare's works are, at times, racist, misogynistic, and ableist... yet no one claims he is corrupting our youth when Othello or The Merchant of Venice is read in the classroom

    2. o occult cont

      Macbeth has occult content, but every high school reads it! gothic literature has supernatural elements, too! How can a literary element be praised within one genre and criticized within another?

    3. schlocky

      "Cheap or inferior goods or materials; trash"

    4. . Because of a few bad YA apples, the entire field has come under

      Does every work have to be a literary masterpiece for the genre to be respected? I am sure there are a few "bad apples" within American lit, Gothic lit, British lit, etc.