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    1. Suddenly, it was no longer responsive to the communities that had brought it legitimacy in the first place. Within four years, having expanded too rapidly and been beset by accusations of corruption, LPI effectively closed all its programs in the DRC.

      Not doubting the veracity, just unable to find any articles on this.

  3. Aug 2021
    1. A neural network with a hidden layer has universality: given enough hidden units, it can approximate any function. This is a frequently quoted – and even more frequently, misunderstood and applied – theorem. It’s true, essentially, because the hidden layer can be used as a lookup table.
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    1. ttention to materiality, as Laura Micciche (2014) and many others have recognized, is a feminist project, as “all forms of matter, living and nonliving, are significant to sociocultural, political, as well as biological systems” (p. 491).

      Might want to look this up

    1. materiality (Reilly, 2004; Wajcman, 2004)

      Might need to look these up.

    2. What we need are theoretical and methodological approaches that allow us to intervene on the organization of social relations that are embedded in our digital technologies and that can foster a clearer understanding of how power relations are organized through technologies.

      I should probably look this up and read more on this.

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    1. Phagosome

      Presume phagosomes are in-cell organelles. Wikipedia will answer this and more...

    2. multiple mechanisms

      Do my best to understand in a general way some of the chemical bases for these pathways. Dr. Samuels possibly. Might get somewhere by looking up a few of the terms.

    3. Acidic pH

      Wonder if this is true in marine mammals, fish, worms that live in various environments. Am thinking with an evolutionary and developmental hat on. Just idle musing, wonder from a developmental perspective why acid and not alkaline (I think most soaps are alkaline) - mechanisms that differentiate breakoff points in the tree of life might be fun to learn about - to look smart.

    4. Innate Immunity

      Good beginning, lots of text that I can quickly annotate - appears to be a review article from 2009: Pathogen Recognition and Inflammatory Signaling in Innate Immune Defenses

    5. s

      Do Wikipedia trails on all of the proteins and peptides in this list:

      Lysozyme Lactoferrin Secretory leukocyte protease inhibitor S100 proteints, e.g.: psoriasin, calprotectin Defensins (alpha and beta) Cathelicidin Surfactant proteins SP-A, SP-D

    6. PRR

      Again, in the past I thought that these terms were describing molecular engines that were quite specific to particular antibody/antigen interactions. Guess not.

    7. PAMP

      Lookup earlier uses of PAMP. Microbe is quite general, might be worth knowing what types of microbes.