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  1. Feb 2018
    1. The information is organized in map form (the spatial mode), which positions the color-coded points according to US counties. The visual and spatial modes work together to help us make comparisons between locations.

      The spacial mode is relating to space and if you click the link below there will be an image of the spatial mode of the journey to work involving car. each color code goes with something on the map and according to that we can understand it and make comparisons. https://chartingtransport.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/car.png

    2. A text should be composed so that readers with limited vision, hearing, or touch-among other possible differ-ences within an audience-can still inter-act with the text

      This relates to one of the readings we did earlier this semester the description of the basket is so specific that a reader can vision they can interact with the text. "The Mohegan manu'da, or basket, pictured here is in the collection of the Connecticut Historical Society, It is 12 inches wide, 17 inches long, and 11 inches high. It is rectangular in shape, with sides that curve slightly inward. The rim is double reinforced and single wrapped, creating a sturdy durable frame. The cover is slightly concave, perhaps from age, with sharply defined comers. The warp and weft of the splits are of medium width. The basket is decorated on three sides in Mohegan pink and green, and it is fully lined with pages .from an 1817 Hartford, Connecticut, newspaper. " In this text there are a lot of word choices which means the author used the linguistic mode. The author also used the visual mode by putting a picture a the basket. http://spring2018.robinwharton.net/engl1102/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/1103U1G2.pdf

    3. affi1rda11c

      "Affordance refers to the potentialities and constraints of different modes – what it is possible to express and represent or communicate easily with the resources of a mode, and what is less straightforward or even impossible – and this is subject to constant social work. From this perspective, the term ‘affordance’ is not a matter of perception, but rather refers to the materially, culturally, socially and historically developed ways in which meaning is made with particular semiotic resources.The affordance of a mode is shaped by its materiality, by what it has been repeatedly used to mean and do (its ‘provenance’), and by the social norms and conventions that inform its use in context – and this may shift, as well as through timescales and spatial trajectories." https://multimodalityglossary.wordpress.com/affordance/

    4. A text should be composed so that readers with limited vision, hearing, or touch-among other possible differ-ences within an audience-can still inter-act with the text.

      When most readers are reading, they like to be able to picture and feel like they are actually in the reading. A reader should be able to picture and even draw an author or anyone's work. Just like we did in class we had to do a primary description, on our peer review day our partner had to read our description and try to draw it .

    5. Linguistic Mode ~ The linguistic mode refers to the use of language, which usually ~ means written or spoken word~. When we think about the ways ~ the linguistic mode is used to make or understand meaning, we can consider: ~ • word choice ~ • the delivery of spoken or written text !) • the organization of writing or speech into phrases, sentences, ~ paragraphs, etc. ~ • the development and coherence of individual words and ideas

      A good example of linguistic mode could be the Martin Luther king speech " I Have a Dream" he was making his audience understand him where he is coming from he was explaining his dream t o his speaker. He also used word choices like " negro", "smaller guetto". http://www.let.rug.nl/usa/documents/1951-/martin-luther-kings-i-have-a-dream-speech-august-28-1963.php**

    6. The word multimoda

      When I hear the word Multi- Modal without even continuing the reading I would think of Multiple modes because when you hear the word multi you think of many or multiple. Modal you think of modes you think of way. could be "Many ways " or " different ways ". And mode is a way of communicating, people can communicate in many ways it could be through pictures, text, etc...

    7. The visual mode refers to the use of images and other characteris-tics that readers see. Billboards, flyers, television, Web sites, lighted advertising displays, even grocery store shelves bombard us with visual information in an effort to attract our attention. We can u-;e this mode to communicate representations of how something look~ or how someone is feeling, to instruct, to persuade, and to entertain, among other things. ·1 he visual mode includes: • color • layout • style • size • perspective

      Visual mode has to do with vision, what you see. This also relates to the video because the deaf community was watching the news even tough they cant hear anything they were watching it what the interpreter was signing and realize that it was all wrong. Most could already tell there was something wrong because of the nervous look on his face and how he kept on looking at the speaker. This picture below is also an example of visual mode because it has visual information that will attract someone's attention . Walking by these mannequin with those fancy, colorful outfits on will definitely catch your attention. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/489555421982453374/