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  1. Mar 2023
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    1. '>pat

      吐 to eject (something) from the mouth

    2. mantle

      斗篷 a figurative cloak symbolizing preeminence or authority

    3. batt;.1lion

      營 a military unit composed of a headquarters and two or more companies, batteries, or similar units

    4. flogged

      鞭打 to beat with or as if with a rod or whip

    5. counsel

      協商 guarded thoughts or intentions

    6. gnac,hing

      咬牙切齒 to strike or grind (the teeth) together

    7. leaven

      酵 a substance (such as yeast) used to produce fermentation in dough or a liquid especially

    8. mustard

      芥末 a pungent yellow condiment consisting of the pulverized seeds of various mustard plants (such as Sinapis alba, Brassica juncea, and B. nigra) either dry or made into a paste or sauce (as by mixing with water or vinegar) and sometimes adulterated with other substances (such as turmeric) or mixed with spices

    9. granary

      糧倉 a storehouse for threshed grain

    10. darncl

      幾種通常多雜草的黑麥草(黑麥草屬)中的任何一種 any of several usually weedy ryegrasses (genus Lolium)

    11. parched

      因乾燥而皺縮 to become dry or scorched

    12. thistles

      薊 any of various prickly composite plants (especially genera Carduus, Cirsium, and Onopordum) with often showy heads of mostly tubular flowers

    13. ra\ening

      貪吃 to feed greedily

    14. rend

      撕裂 to perform an act of tearing or splitting

    15. toii

      辛勞 long strenuous fatiguing labor

    16. mammc~n

      財神爺 material wealth or possessions especially as having a debasing influence

    17. sco" I

      皺眉頭 to contract the brow in an expression of displeasure

    18. synagogues

      猶太教堂 the house of worship and communal center of a Jewish congregation

    19. recompense

      補償 to return in kind

    20. porter

      搬運工 a person who carries burdens

    21. harlotry

      淫亂 sexual profligacy

    22. amiss

      通過踩踏來壓碎、傷害或毀壞 to crush, injure, or destroy by or as if by treading

    23. tramp l ed

      通過踩踏來壓碎、傷害或毀壞 to crush, injure, or destroy by or as if by treading

    24. pigeons

      廣泛分佈的鳥類科(鴿科,鴿形目)中的任何一種,具有粗壯的身體、相當短的腿和光滑緊湊的羽毛 any of a widely distributed family (Columbidae, order Columbiformes) of birds with a stout body, rather short legs, and smooth and compact plumage

    25. census

      古羅馬用於人口統計的量詞 a count of the population and a property evaluation in early Rome

    26. decree

      an order usually having the force of law 有法律效力的命令

    27. guile

      詭計 trick