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  1. Jan 2023
    1. so my earnest request to every business leader is start 00:28:35 believe you can take action collaborate I will share all the Technologies we have we spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year develop developing them 00:28:49 you can have our technology for free but make a start because the alternative is both uneconomic eliminating emissions is great business 00:29:03 but it's also catastrophic if you do nothing today thank you

      !- Andrew Forrest : Open sourcing all their IP - as encouragement for others to participate

    2. we have committed to spend 6.2 billion dollars we've made that public to give ourselves real Zero by 2030.

      !- quotable : Andrew Forrest - Real zero by 2030 : not net zero by 2030

      !- question : just transition - can a clean energy transition be just when billionaires are involved in capital centralising investments?