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  1. Feb 2024
    1. So, here's a Vision Of The Future that's popular right now.

      Me acuerdo de cuando vi ese video y me pareció que era la parte aburrida de un episodio malo de Black Mirror.

  2. Jan 2019
  3. May 2018
    1. China’s ‘social credit system’ monitors citizen behavior and punishes them with travel bans, bans from four and five star hotels, preventing them from sending children to expensive schools, and throttling internet speeds.

      This is so Black Mirror.

  4. Feb 2018
    1. An episode in the third season of the TV show “Black Mirror” portrays a world in which people spend nearly all their time using their phones to rate virtually everyone else on a five-star scale.

      Black Mirror made me think about rating systems. Similar to the book The Circle and user surveys.

  5. Oct 2016
    1. n a study cited by the Swiss group last month, researchers found Twitter data alone a more reliable predictor of heart disease than all standard health and socioeconomic measures combined.