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  1. Mar 2023
    1. How do you store and classify index cards? I usually have boxes that fit my index cards, and add a plastic tab with the reference in Author (Date) format. Other people use different classification systems (by keyword, by topic, by author). I just recommend that the process be consistent across.

      Pacheco-Vega stores his card with plastic tabs labeled by the references rather than by keyword or topic.

      He does recommend consistency in filing though.

  2. Oct 2022
    1. I can't quite grasp this concept, although it seems interesting for my specific case. Isn't the index box supposed to be organized by alphabetical order? How can personal notes be placed right in such an order?

      los2pollos reply to: https://www.reddit.com/r/antinet/comments/y5un81/comment/it667sq/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

      There are a wide variety of methods of organizing and sorting one's note cards including by topic (usually alphabetical), by date, by idea, by author, by title, etc.

      If you're using it as a diary, you'd probably keep that subsection in order by date written, and then potentially have it cross indexed by subject if those things were important to you.

      If you kept other information like mood, health, activities, exercise, glasses of water per day (for example) on them, you could resort and re-order them by those data as well if you liked. And naturally, this ability to resort/reorder one's notes has been one of the greatest features and affordances to these systems historically.

  3. May 2022
    1. Card Sorting ابتدا فعالیتی که بیشترین و کمترین زمان رو میگیره هر فرد میذاره روی میز!(با نظر جمع هست این دو تا کارت) فعالیت های رو بین این دوتا میچنند و اتفاقعهایی که یک اندازه میپیرند زیر هم میگیرند

      سپس نظرات رو با هم مقایسه میکنند اگه اخاتلاف نبود که هیچ اگه بود که با هم صحبت میکنند