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  1. Mar 2024
    1. Monuments imperfectly record the past

      Examples of this to collect in the future, including:

      • Civil War monuments
      • Pilgrim monument ( National Monument to the Forefathers) 1898 by Hammatt Billings (mentioned in White Trash)
      • others...
  2. Apr 2023
    1. 57:17 I mean, when we think of the ways57:20 in which ISIS is not only using images for propaganda,57:25 to see a statue,57:28 both of historic worth and of aesthetic value57:32 being so destroyed,57:33 gives you a kind of visceral shock because you feel,57:37 not only the assault on our cultural heritage,57:39 but you feel the assault on the body.

      Aby Warburg's views on art history and memory may have a lot to say with respect to our cultural movement of destroying and removing Civil War Monuments which glorify the "Lost Cause" of the South in the United States.