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  1. Oct 2019
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    1. journeyshewishestheBoardto

      Cooke wants the Board to pay for her travels back into "society" - I'm not sure she mentioned this in previous letters to Greene

    2. MissCoo

      Even though miss cooke has been released, she doesn't know and so she stays there

    3. heywillgrantit.

      Greene grants Cooke permission to leave missionary work

    4. Idonotwish,norshouldIbCyanymeansfeelwillingtotakesuchastep,unlesstheindicationsofProvidenceshouldseemclearlytorenderitadvisable

      Cooke really wants to quit from all connection with the Board

    5. acceptsherresignati

      Miss Cooke resigns

  3. Sep 2019
    1. DavidGreenetoDelia

      Okay so it appears that Greene says the Board doesn't recommend that Cooke return to La Pointe, but that if she wants to still, they might let her?

    2. Iwouldsubmitthequestionofmylongercontinuanceundertheirdirection,tothedecisionofaccordancewithmywishe

      Delia Cooke does not want to terminate her connection with the Board

    3. sireyourconnectionwiththeBoardtobeformallyathis,youwillpleaseinformmeofit,andyour1eCommitte

      Delia Cooke might be completely done with the Board and assisting at the Missions

    4. pposedthatyourhealthrequiredasuspension

      Delia Cooke was out of work for a while due to illness