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  1. Feb 2024
    1. https://www.blyberg.net/darien-statements

      The Darien Statements on the Library and Librarians<br /> Written by John Blyberg, Kathryn Greenhill, and Cindi Trainor<br /> Originally published April 3, 2009

  2. Jan 2024
    1. also remember "non-conventional" wars like "weapons of mass migration", targetting north america and western europe. the young white males in america and europe will be drafted for "already lost wars" against russia/hamas/ethiopia (suicide mission), and the young black males (migrant invaders) will finally conquer the young white females, creating the "brown race" of slaves for the global elite (the same elite that is preaching the "racism is bad" gospel)

  3. Dec 2023
  4. Jun 2023
    1. And because libraries generally do not take possession of the ebook files they rent from publishers, their crucial role as long-term preservers of culture has been severed from their role as institutions that provide democratic access—a striking change.

      E-books have caused the missions of many libraries to shift away from institutions that provide democratic access to a preserved culture.

  5. May 2023
    1. Mission-consistent revenue generation – potential revenue sources should be considered for consistency with the organisational mission and not run counter to the aims of the organisation


  6. Feb 2023
    1. In terms of the companies mission statement or goals, I was not able to find much. On the main page, underneath "Welcome to Harwood Chiropractic Centre" , It mentions being dedicated to having the latest chiropractic tools and treatments. And to create a friendly and professional atmosphere for your chiropractic needs. I think this is a bad mission statement because it does not include massage at all and massage is in the name of their business. I also do not think it conveys their company goals and mission very well.

  7. Oct 2022
  8. Sep 2022
    1. https://twitter.com/Extended_Brain/status/1563703042125340680

      Replying to @DannyHatcher. 1. Competition among apps makes them add unnecessary bells and whistles. 2. Trying to be all: GTD, ZK, Sticky Notes, proj mgmt, collaboration, workflow 3. Plugins are good for developers, bad for users https://t.co/4fbQ2nwdYd

      — Extended Brain (@Extended_Brain) August 28, 2022
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      Part two sounds a lot like zettelkasten overreach https://boffosocko.com/2022/02/05/zettelkasten-overreach/

      Part one is similar to the issue competing software companies have in attempting to check all the boxes on a supposed list of features without thinking about what their tool is used for in practice. (Isn't there a name for this specific phenomenon besides "mission creep"?)

  9. Apr 2022
    1. Colleges should exist not to produce winning athletic teams; sustain multilayered administrative bureaucracies; deliver fine food, fancy gyms, and luxury housing; or even find jobs for students. They exist to educate a populace, secure the peace of our republic, seed innovation, and model virtue.
  10. Mar 2022
      • The Verge has a unique mission statement: see technology through the culture it creates, optimistically. How many high quality writing is a product of such deliberate mission statements (incentives setting)?
    1. We founded The Verge with some grand ideas about how to do technology journalism differently. We started with the thesis that technology — especially consumer technology — creates culture.

      That's interesting. I like The Verge articles / videos for their high quality, and did notice they often address deeper topics than just news reporting -- but never connected this back to their mission statement.

      Or it's a result of their awesome staff? Maybe both influence each other?

  11. Feb 2022
    1. Aligning editorial mission and business model is critical.

      One of the most complex questions in journalism in the past decade or more is how can one best align editorial mission with the business model? This is particularly difficult because the traditional business model(s) have been shifting in the move to online.

  12. Sep 2021
  13. Apr 2021
    1. At Wehrlegig Games our objective is simple: publish beautiful games with historical themes that treat their subjects and their players seriously.
  14. Mar 2021
    1. does the hypothesis team use hypothesis in any way when they're building hypothesis

      This is something I "confronted" TBL and the Solid group about recently: complete lack of dogfooding—they're all using GitHub and Gitter and whatnot, not their own tools. (Natural question arises: "if you aren't even using your own tools in your own work, how/why should we believe you when you say it will be good for us?") It's a phenomenon that I've seen commonly summarized as "X for thee, not for me".

      It also reminds me of McCarthy's response to Steve Russell's proposal to actually implemeent eval: "ho, ho, you're confus[ed]".

  15. Feb 2021
    1. Our mission is to allow people to make money via educational efforts and to dedicate the rest of their time to creating great open source products.

      What does this mean exactly? "Our mission is to allow people to make money via educational efforts"

  16. Jan 2021
  17. Nov 2020
  18. May 2020
    1. What is missing from most of the remote teaching contingency planning is a framework for helping the people inside institutions understand and make decisions about pedagogy from inside the pandemic’s evolving reality. Pedagogy is not an ancillary or optional part of conversations about remote teaching. Pedagogy is the category that describes how we teach. For that reason, whether we foreground it or not, pedagogy is a key part of how our learners understand and assess their experience at our institutions during this crisis.

      Important points - technology is not pedagogy; pedagogy is related to identity and mission.

  19. Mar 2020
  20. Nov 2019
    1. mon entreprise fondamentale : m’approprier le monde.

      Beauvoir cherche à avoir une saisie sur le monde; c’est sa mission, sa vocation, son entreprise.

      Par quels moyens progressera-t-elle vers cet objectif?

    2. je me sentais chargée d’une mission que j’accomplissais avec orgueil

      Nouvelle vocation

  21. Oct 2019
  22. s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com
    1. 1gnawedthepaymentatLunest,area:nearitsanmmenwiththeHiasipRive}.nbersUtamareganazalaanzéfaetianthanwasapprehended-—themwagbimettnemerymanab.ahild---theyfellEbertfarthewomen,‘bun”fned§fte¢au6y*wat-madaup~£athoudawTherewasaIargésapply-ofHEmEmjun%n%Qnr&~nbbq

      Missions are still providing for the Ojibwe

    2. heérspeakerthenreplied"Itistree&wedonotwishyoutoleavethecount

      the Ojibwe understand that if the Missionaries leave the area they will most likely die

    3. SomelatemeasuresoftheAmFurCaAtoEiewallthemeetineustriousandenterprisingiggmhereanddrewethersaw

      AFC is affecting population surrounding the missions

    4. hehostilityandindifferenceoftheIndianstotheGospe

      Ayer is losing hope

    5. heschoolisinteresting,butourbrethrenatPokegamaandFonduLacaretriedverymuchbythehostilityoftheindians,theyarebeginningtobestirred.bythestoryoftheoppres-sionoftheirsouthernbrethrenwhichhasreachedthem,theyarebeginningtofeelthatthewhitemenwilloppressthemasmuchastheycan,andareafraidthatgovernmenthassentthemissionariestoFavourtheirdesigns.TheCherokeeshavesentwampumtoseveralofthenortherntribestojointhemainsttheAmericanssoinsteadoflisteningtotheWordeirmindsareontheunjustnessesofthewhitemen.Ourbandhavenotyetbeenthusexcited.Ihopeitwillbealongtimebeforetheywill.Werewetolookuponthesemis-sionswiththeeyeofsense,weshouldbeentirelydiscouraged,buttheeyeoffaithdiscernsinthedistancetheredmanofthewildernessbendingthekneetotheonetrueGod;to18.-bourforthisendwemusthavefaithandpatienc

      Mills has a really good understanding of the mission situation in relationship to the government

    6. V‘ithregardtosuccessofthemissions,Mr.I‘Iall5wassayinga.fewdayssincethathehasnever,sincehehasbeeninthecountry,seenthetimewhenthingsappearedmorenat-teringthantheydonow,ortheindiansmorefriendly

      Mills says Hall is impressed by the success of missions

    7. eInds.bythetreatyhavebeendis—0;—concerted,perplexed&seemtohavelostallenerquenterpriseinhuntingasformerl

      retrogression in Natives returning to missions after the treaty

    8. r5-teachers,thoughtheyupsetallcornersoftheIndiancoun-trywithlargebribesandrichpresents,havenotbeenabletoerectasizablemissionanywhereamongtheIndia

      reasons why Protestants haven't been able to establish a lasting mission in the NW

    9. Iintendtoerectanewmissionther

      Pierz wants to start a new mission, when personnel is already short

    10. ButGodhasseenfittoblesstheworkofour,handaherefromthebeginnin

      Ayer suggests that Pokegoma is the most comfortable and successful of all the Missions

    11. MrBoutwellwritesmefromFondduLac,thathehasdeterminedtoleavehisfamilytherewhilehegoeshimselftoLeechLaketoseetheIndiansthere,andtakecareofthepropertyhehasthere,andthenwillreturntoFduLtospendthewinter

      Boutwell is going to leave his family at Fond du Lac while he travels to Leech Lake

    12. ThetimehasnowcomeIthinkforourMissionstodeclarethem—selvesindipendentoftheh.M.F.Compan

      Seymour suggests to Greene that the missions severe connection to the American Fur Company

    13. TheypassedaresolutionwhiletogetheratPokegomsthatonmyvisittotheStatesImakeitaspecialobjecttohiresor4piousyoungmenforthetermoz3.4or5yearstolaborforareasonablecompensationatthevariousstationsinthatregi

      Seymour left to Connecticut and Ohio, was ill, and also looked for 3 - 4 pious people to work at the missions

    14. naformerletterImentionedthsfEeasy-ourInnerprcterwishedtobeconsideredasandesistennhiseionary.Recenteventsrelatingtohiswifeandherconnexionsrendereditexpedienhthatheshoulddissolvehisimmeddeneconnictionwiththe-Missionandsettledownb

      Henry (Ayer's interpreter) had to leave suddenly and Ayer is left alone for preaching and all other affairs

    15. Ourcookingroomwas8by10infrontofchimney.ThiswasalsoourSchoolroo

      Mission at Fond du Lac is very tiny

    1. ohelpcan.uoll»bo39paxodatpresentfrouLayointotofoxmanewstation.Theno.iaao’uuchtobedonetharokaiaoreaontasthemia¢aionaricacanwelldo,includingtheireffornsinpreparingbooksforprinting.Thereismoreencouragementtolabourtherenowthanatal»mostanytimesincetheetanionwa

      Seems to suggest that these proposed new missions will need an entirely new set of people, because all the current missions require too much work

    2. hilenreA.etaid.a£ln£d.bake.heheldmeetingsseveraltimes.with.the‘indianeghfwhichtimeehepreachedtoaaeheidereblenumberofattentiveligfenene.~IheIndianatherewerewillingtoallowmisaaionarieeasmuehlandaseeuldbenecesearyfez~thehto

      Red Lake Band was receptive to the mission and the gospel

    3. heyvisitedLeechLakeandRedLakeandotherplacesontheway,toascertainwhataretheprospectsinthatregionformissionaryOperation

      Ayer visited Red Lake and Leech Lake to access them for missions again

    1. PomschristianawhereWevisitedlabtSummertho'tthatifthachurchtowhichnheybelongeag.could,incampanywithtwoorthreeotherchurchessuppart-a.é£ationamongtheIndians&keepupacor»respondenoewith.themissionarieaatthatstation,theyshoulddomuchmore&taksaiar‘deaper‘tnterestthantheyshouldtosendwhattheyraised_ngrtheBeardnotknowingwhereitwasappropriated.whatwouldyou;committeathinkofta

      Mrs. Ely offers a suggestion to Mr. Greene about a sort of collection of churches in the area supporting the Natives and doing missionary work as a whole

    2. TheChurchatthisplaoowagorganizedonznho'BGEhofAug.133

      Demographics of the church at La Pointe

    3. GodinhieProvidencehasagainbroughtmyoelf'afamilywithinashortdistanceofFeeon1&0!&thereasonofthisMovement,13,inshortth

      After war erupted at Pokegoma, the mission families decided to leave, some of whom wanted to go to La Pointe and others to Fond du Lac

    4. seeno~wayinwyion_£ufedénourexpénaes‘muchbelowthisestimate,exceptthemissignaxiesleavetheirworkandengageconsiderableinmanuallabo

      The reasons the missions are so expensive is because the missionaries don't want to spend much time on the manual labor needed to sustain the mIssion

    1. TheostensibleobjectofthevisitwastoleaveourtwoSonsinChristianfamiliestobeeducat

      Ayer wants to leave his sons with Christian families in the city (ie in "civilization")

    2. Thepreopootsofthismissionaredark&discouragingsofarastheInda.areconosrne

      While Pokegoma seems to be doing rather well, Boutwell suggests that La Pointe is struggling to stay afloat

      The longer these letters go on, the less successful the Missions appear to be

    3. WeshouldthereforebeundertheneEcelesityoftravellingattheexpenseoftheBoard,unlessindi—viéueismightbenisposodtogiveussomethingforthispurp

      Hall wants to spend the whole winter in the NE states with his family at the expense of the Board

    1. fyounhinkIhaveaann£92morenhanycuaanéifordua,yénmnénle&ve9f?the'Booka.ThoughWeneednhemwecand0betteéwithautthem,(nhagehoolbooksexcept?ed),nhantheotherthing

      It is interesting that the missionaries keep "complaining" about their ability to perform well for the school, yet continue to put the school last - either things are very bad, or they are not devoted to the original task anymore



  23. Sep 2019
    1. ecananleastcomeincgnnaffwithmereIndiananew,nhan'wecouldbeforenheAm.FurCG»compmenoedthefishingbusinesa,whetherwecanexertagreaterinflu—enceonthemornot.ThepapulatianofthisplaceisincreasingbathwhiteandIndia

      there is increased contact between Ojibwe and While settlers

    2. sireyourconnectionwiththeBoardtobeformallyathis,youwillpleaseinformmeofit,andyour1eCommitte

      Delia Cooke might be completely done with the Board and assisting at the Missions



    1. D.GreenetoJosephTow

      Mr. Greene seems to suggest that Mr. Town should abandon his post at the mission since he is gone from there so often anyway

    2. MrandMrsAyerMrSeymour&MissStevensstillcomposetheMissionfamil

      the mission family at Pokegoma

    3. FondduLacandLeechLak

      All Northwest Missions, but especially Fond du Lac and Leech Lake, need more labor to sustain them

    4. WehaveamoreformidablefoetoencounterinCathlolicismthaninheathenismitself

      Hall believes that Catholicism is a bigger threat to the success of the missions than "heathenism"

    5. reachin

      Preaching at La Pointe is the best it's ever been in 1836

    6. oallwhichwedesire,&whichwesupposedthatthedowhatweca

      In response to Greene stating that abandoning the mission would be the next option, Hall says that it is their duty to do what they can

    7. Oneonwhomandencecuthimselfseverelysomeweekssince—andavebeensicmorethanusual

      help at Pokegama for the Ayer's family is low because of injury and sickness

    8. andmustbeforafewweeks—asourgroundforplantingisyetcoveredwithlogs&brush.

      the Ayer's family arrived at Pokegama (?) and is unsettled due to house and land setbacks

  24. Aug 2019
    1. Ihavebeenobligedtorenderilytotheneglectofimportantmissionarywor

      because his wife is often sick, Mr. Hall has to do some housework, which takes away from the importance of missionary work



    1. precedenthasbeenestablished,&theScripturesarebeingdailyreadtot

      precedent of reading scripture to Natives every night

    2. Theywhocome,therefore,Come?fromtheirownWills

      According to Ely, children come to mission schools of their own accord

    3. IknowtheIndian.Iknowhimwell,forIamanIndianmyself.Hethinkslittleandspeaksmuch.Hedoesnotlookbeyondthepresent,andhehatesyourobjectinhisheart,althoughitisoneofcharityandforthebenentofhimselfandchildren.

      This is how the second chief of the Leech Lake band views Boutwell and his mission efforts

    4. verydaytheydelayourcauseissufferin

      it appears that there are few people aside from the main men that want to work on the mission

    5. hiswouldgiveonly

      One missionary and one male teacher, plus laborers, is the fewest people that should be in a mission

    6. ourlettersofJuly7thtoMessrstreedaysagoandinformusthatwearetoreceiveno1eBoardthepresentseason

      Mr. Greene is not sending any additional resources to the Missions in the Northwest

    7. buildingofamission

      a mission church is built at La Pointe and is functional August 9 1835

    8. reinthehabitofkeepingamistres

      Missionaries should not live alone because it will be assumed that they have taken a mistress - this is why most missionaries are actually Mission Families

    1. IfaMissionfumiEyr————————______—+consistedofoneman&twofemales,itmightbedifficulttoeradicateff35—555—1537‘fn§“imvro§§1onthathokoayohastooWiveo

      a mission family with two women might look like a polygamous relationship to the Natives

    2. Itisdesirablethatthoroshouldbethreegersono.-~atalleventsthoroshoulibotwo.Afamilymightconsistofonemale&twofemales,thernvoroewoulihoweverbeprefrablo;two‘maiéo&onefemale.MuchasIhaveboonwonttodobroontetheideaof‘aMiasionarthothoeeIn;n.beilnawr—ried,Imustfranklyadmititsproprietyifamissionintoboloo—atodhe

      Boutwell's suggestions for a mission family at Leech Lake

    3. heexpenseofestablishing&supportingaMissionfamilyhere,lcouldsay,fromtheobservation&estimate'Ihavebeenabletomake,itwouldnotexceed3600,norwould-itprobablybelessthan$500.

      Mission Family costs at Leech Lake

    4. erewelefttochooseweshouldpreferhrE.ec‘woarewellacquaintedwithhim,andknowthatourvieweonthesubjectofplinlivingandvarioussubjectsconnect-edwithmissionaryOperationsharmoniz

      Ayer expects Ely to close his Mission near Sandy Lake because not many Natives settle there and requests that Ely be sent to Yellow Lake because he has similar views to the Ayer Mission Family

    5. referdenyingour—selveotheuseofthemnodiminishourexpensesandhavemoretobestowupontheneedyIndiana

      the Mission Family decides not to spend money on clothing, tea, coffee, pies, cakes, butter, lard, or fancy dishes in order to give more to "the needy Indians"

    6. Thebilloftrans-portation&provisionsaregreatastheynecessarilymuetbeforafamilysofarintheinteri

      expensive for a Mission Family to live so deep in the region

    7. heIndiantitletothislandisextinct,havingbeencededtotheCadottefamilybytheIndia

      the Natives cede land (surrounding Lake Superior?) to Cadotte Family (Mission Family?) Hall and Boutwell think this means no more land needs to be asked of the Natives

    8. gurfamilya§mgresentconsistsofninepersons,includingourhe

      mission family at La Pointe has 9 people, including interpreter and people who work agriculture

    9. “isfiedwith.fewmonthsinthefamily.Lastspring,inordertomakeexperi-mentoftheconfidenceoftheIndiansinus,andtoexhibitmorefullybeforethem,theadvantagesofcivilizedoversavagelife,wetookintoourfamilytwochildr

      the Mission Family took two Native children into their care to show the Natives how civilized life is better than their savagery

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