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  1. Aug 2023
      • key finding
        • global temp of 2 Deg C could theoretically result in a billion human deaths
      • title: Quantifying Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Human Deaths to Guide Energy Policy
      • authors: Joshua Pearce, Richard Pamcutt
      • date: aug. 19, 2023
  2. Feb 2023
    1. = Open Source Decarbonization - Professor = Joshua Pearce - presents the case that = open source hardware - can play a major role to rapidly decarbonize human civilization - This is because = open source hardware - innovation happens a lot more rapidly and the designs are scalable to the most marginalized people on the planet - = HardwareX - is a new journal dedicated to rapidly disseminating open hardware designs - A template is provided that if followed, essentially allows you to publish in the journal - All normal fees are waived to incentify the spread of Open Source Decarbonization hardware designs

    2. Open source decarbonization for a sustainable world

      = TITLE: = Open source decarbonization - for a sustainable world

    1. anadian professors’ views on establishing opensource endowed professorships

      = TITLE: - Canadian professors’ views on establishing - = open source endowed professorships