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  1. Oct 2017
    1. Lotka, A. J. (1926). The frequency distribution of scientific productivity. Journal of the WashingtonAcademy of Sciences,16, 317–323

      Early discussion of differential publication frequency

    2. West, L. H. T., Hore, T., & Boon, P. K. (1980). Publication rates and productivity.Vestes,23,32–37
    3. Emden, C. (1998). Establishing a ‘track record’: Research productivity and nursing academe.Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing,16(1), 29–33

      Discusses the adequacy of writing training and support in PhD programmes.

    4. McGrail, Matthew R., Claire M. Rickard, and Rebecca Jones. 2006. “Publish or Perish: A Systematic Review of Interventions to Increase Academic Publication Rates.” Higher Education Research & Development 25 (1): 19–35. doi:10.1080/07294360500453053.

    1. Nevertheless, McGrail, Rickard, and Jones (2006)report that, whilst a small minority of academics publish a great deal, publication outputs ingeneral are quite low

      A few academics publish a lot; most publish very little. McGrail, Rickard, and Jones 2006.