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  1. Jul 2021
    1. A charming letter!

      One writing style of Ezra Jennings I noticed it that he likes to use exclamation mark.

    2. the vengeance of yesterday’s opium, pursuing me through a series of frightful dreams. At one time I was whirling through empty space with the phantoms of the dead, friends and enemies together. At another, the one beloved face which I shall never see again, rose at my bedside, hideously phosphorescent in the black darkness, and glared and grinned at me

      This description seems like that Ezra Jennings also use opium. Does he?

    3. Ezra Jennings.

      Ezra comes form Hebrew word "azar," means "help", "aid" and "protect. [Jennings] (http://www.irishsurnames.com/cgi-bin/gallery.pl?name=jennings&capname=Jennings&letter=j) is a baptismal name means "son of John."

    4. His nose presented the fine shape and modelling so often found among the ancient people of the East, so seldom visible among the newer races of the West. His forehead rose high and straight from the brow. His marks and wrinkles were innumerable.

      Here is a whole paragraph physical appearance description of Mr. Candy's assistant - Mr. Ezra

    5. His assistant–a certain Mr. Ezra Jennings–was at our disposal, to be sure. But nobody knew much about him in our parts. He had been engaged by Mr. Candy under rather peculiar circumstances; and, right or wrong, we none of us liked him or trusted him.

      Mr. Ezra is the assistant to the doctor, Mr. Candy. However, Mr. Ezra is not trustworthy to anyone in the house