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  1. Jul 2022
    1. you're quite unique there are maybe a few quantum physics physicists that have interest and you know but few that i think have really read nagarjuna particularly from the 00:41:08 beginning to the end of his uh you know opus magnus is his major treatise of the six we have all of those actually translated into english and you know some of them will deal more with the 00:41:20 compassion side also um so i applaud you for that

      Rovelli thus is one of the few quantum physicists to have dived so deeply into Nagarjuna's work to understand its ramifications for science, and in particular his own field.

    2. let me first say how why we're here um 00:05:01 and first point out that barry and carl have never met before this is the first time you will discuss

      Title: What is Real? Nagarjuna's Middle Way A Discussion with Barry Kerzin (Doctor to HH Dalai Lama, Professor and Buddhist Monk) and Carlo Rovelli (Quantum Physicist)