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  1. Nov 2021
    1. Sound when we think of sound we think of waves that travels through the air and hit are ear. But it is also a way of communication. We listen to music and we have a communication with are self getting emotional or empowered. We listen to friends professors and parents talk to us and have honest conversations. Or just droning on in class. Sounds can also have a scary sense to them too. Which is also communication. Like when the fire alarm goes off. It means there’s a loud sound and you must get away from it. Or when the tornado siren goes off and it’s not Tuesday or 10 o’clock. It means get in or underground. Heck even with sound cars can communicate with each other with people honking the horn‘s Long honks means I’m impatient and angry and I just want to go home. Short honk could mean anything hi hello or hey there’s somebody it might be the police slowdown. Or you just scared me what the hell are you doing.

    2. When context keeps the meaning clear. What the authors talking about. He’s having a clear message. So people understand what is going on. But sometimes the message can be unclear. And people can take it the wrong way. Communication is complicated especially when you are talking to somebody through text. I think it is easier to talk to somebody face-to-face or on the phone or in a zoom meeting. That is a clear message to me. The messages that I can’t translate. Or mostly text, but sometimes to understand what is going on I would have to ask them multiple questions to get the clear answer.Context of everything and we take it for granted.