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  1. Nov 2021
    1. For the Europeans the drums were a different device of communication. Mostly attack retreat and come to church.But how we use drums today. Send out a different communication. In the music industry. It is basically electronics from that producers use. That communicates we need to make more money for this artist or out of this artist. And on the dance floor it means hey let’s dance.Even when someone is knocking on the door. That is a sound like a drum too. It means I am here and after the door please. Or I’m a total stranger and you might not have to answer the door.Or your packages arrived.

    2. In the words of Madonna music makes the people come together. In this case drums with the communication. Of culture in Africa. They were many ways of communicating through drums. Dancing for a date. Dancing to celebrate a wedding. Dancing to celebrate someone’s birthday if they have birthdays. Or dancing for a funeral. In America that would be morbid. But in other cultures that is a sign of respect and a symbol of that’s becoming life again.

    1. Mnemonic devices. It’s also a way of communicating. In an oral sense we use them as code. It started when we were texting. LOL means laugh out loud. WTF you probably already know what that means. But we also use them for studying. Please excuse my dear aunt sally. Or PEMDAS A tool in math to go through long problem in algebra. They also use this as a career driven world. And it’s also cod talking to friends or gossiping. For instance she what is a real see you next Tuesday. Or she was a Karen.

    2. Sound when we think of sound we think of waves that travels through the air and hit are ear. But it is also a way of communication. We listen to music and we have a communication with are self getting emotional or empowered. We listen to friends professors and parents talk to us and have honest conversations. Or just droning on in class. Sounds can also have a scary sense to them too. Which is also communication. Like when the fire alarm goes off. It means there’s a loud sound and you must get away from it. Or when the tornado siren goes off and it’s not Tuesday or 10 o’clock. It means get in or underground. Heck even with sound cars can communicate with each other with people honking the horn‘s Long honks means I’m impatient and angry and I just want to go home. Short honk could mean anything hi hello or hey there’s somebody it might be the police slowdown. Or you just scared me what the hell are you doing.

    3. When context keeps the meaning clear. What the authors talking about. He’s having a clear message. So people understand what is going on. But sometimes the message can be unclear. And people can take it the wrong way. Communication is complicated especially when you are talking to somebody through text. I think it is easier to talk to somebody face-to-face or on the phone or in a zoom meeting. That is a clear message to me. The messages that I can’t translate. Or mostly text, but sometimes to understand what is going on I would have to ask them multiple questions to get the clear answer.Context of everything and we take it for granted.

    1. I would also like to talk about bathroom we have bathrooms for women bathrooms for men. But we don’t have bathrooms for People of the Transgender community and we also don’t have private feeding places for people who have baby. There is a free hands free sanitary napkins mishen in one of the bathrooms. It should be in all of the women’s and non gender bathrooms. This is also a right and for people who are having a hard time in school more homework help in all departments tutors. Also preparing us for the future and giving us more of an option for a gap year instead of pushing us out of the nest. Sometimes we are not ready for jobs.

    2. I also want to talk about housing. Instead of meeting is teaching us about what we already know study habits how to write an essay how to just you know be a student. We should also have a roundtable discussion meeting about how to be resilient students. How to deal with trauma. How to deal with our mental issues. ARs should also be trained and listening to the students that are having a hard time. Asking for help when they need it. Looking out for the signs that maybe the student is going through a harder time and it’s an emergency. Also students with people going home for break. Students should live at housing for free. Because sometimes they don’t want to go back for break for various reasons. Also they should have more variety for gluten free and gluten intolerant students. We just have a closet for the gluten-free food and there’s not much gluten-free food no variety no options. Makes it very hard for people who eat the same things that it’s gluten-free all the time. Well people who have vegan options have a much larger platform. And more compassion for students who are going through a hard time who got sick and can’t really be at the dormitories. Or have to be in the dormitories but can’t leave.

    3. I think it’s a good idea to have a fall break. Also a mental day. But the mental day has to be productive. A roundtable discussion is a really good idea. Maybe even some group therapy sessions if that’s even a thing. And with students with disabilities. We should also have classes that talk about serious subjects. And also give The students with disabilities a chance to air their grievances. And also have teachers explain to them what’s going on and how they can make a change. Or have some additional counseling. Maybe we can even have a way to make sure everybody is safe both physically mentally. And educationally. Students with disabilities have a right to. It’s harder for students is with mental challenges to grasp at serious subject. Maybe we should have a class maybe at the Achieve center like a roundtable class or a class and teaching us how to be more resilient. How to deal with trauma and PTSD and she CPTSD.

    4. Students are also going through trauma. That will go under the mental health issues. The three deaths of students. We are still in a pandemic. Not to mention Tabor walking on campus and scolding us and telling us what we are doing wrong that could also be traumatic or very entertaining. Not only should we do the pass fail thing. But we should have better security. We should have better police. We should also have therapy sessions that deal with traumatic things that have been happening to us. Not only would just make us better students. This would make a better safe campus. And a lot of things have been going on in this fall semester. You know I’m still working on myself. It should not only be pass fail it should be we should work on campus as a whole.

    5. I think it’s unfair to think that this would be a smooth transition. The grading system is unfair as well some teachers grad on a curve some don’t believe in grades and some are nit picky heavy graders. For us to be in school we have to have the high scores if not probation and then getting kiked out of school. Students have other jobs, kids, learn different disabilities, and mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

    1. I know I know with the Paris is it is a stone. And people used to write on stone in Egypt. And that’s where they would create their hieroglyphic alphabet.

    2. Hieroglyphics the oldest form of alphabet. Using Pictures and symbols instead of letters. But the pictures and samples usually meant something else. And then they became letters.

    3. The job of the scribe is write down anything and everything that The Priest clergyman and king I had to say. They were basically secretaries.

    4. How people use to write was on Papyrus which was made out of hands and other natural things you find in nature. People also wrote with black and red ink. And they would make those into scrolls. What is papyrus?

  2. Oct 2021
    1. Churches we’re spreading the word in many different ways. The manuscript was most used in a Bible that was Latin.And there was also confession that people had to do said sine against the church. Come to think of it the clergy of men was probably taking notes and creating his own manuscript.

    2. There were multiple and important jobs that could come out of crating A manuscript. you have scribes, Artist to create the drawings in the manuscript to keep the reader interested.

    3. Only the rich and holy could read. Even that was hard for them because they had to read everything in Latin.

    4. From paper to block and ink we are now learning about the printing press. The best invention at the time because you can create a news paper. And now printers are becoming obsolete and so is the news paper now a news paper is on line.

    5. Block printing was created and used by people of China. They used it for buddhist scripture

    6. Egyptian paper was made from rags. Wail paper from China was made from recitaled products like wood bark from trees and fish nets and other things

    7. China invented paper and they wrote with ink. The paper was created by many things and could be used as many things.

    8. Tabloids it’s not real journalism it’s just gossip people spilling The Tea about other people and getting paid for it for example TMZ and the tabloids Hillary Clinton as a lizard person it’s not critical news

    9. The way I think of sensationalism today is newspapers that are online click bait titles such as Donald Trump starts a war with Russia for example is click bait and so is Rosanna Pansino comes up with a new cake recipe.

  3. Sep 2021
    1. It was diction who created the kinetoscope and other Mashona and Edison took credit.

    2. Thomas Edison creating motion pictures not because of a contest. But he created short films using other investors from France ideas and created a studio called the black Moria

    3. From industrial revolution back to the farming that people used to do. No one saw or heard indistry

    4. You need to pay to get in the crystal palace to see all that Paris has to offer. The crystal palace was a museum or movie theater

    5. The phonograph is like a book on tape it could read to people who really needed the help and support. Like the blind people with Learning disabilities the elderly and people who just wanted entertainment.

    6. Thomas Edison was using the photograph. To preserve dying languages like the dying language of indigenous people. He was also preserving A dying culture with peoples voices.

    7. People believed that they could translate it with a magnifying glass. Not possible because The machine is reading it for you.

    8. It was an early recording device people used it like a tape recorder. People could also come back and listen to them it was like magic

    9. Don’t sit to close to the television. The old way of thinking and now to much screen time can have an effect on your mental health.

    10. The house wife watching her soap opera wail doing chores. Family’s finding ways to schedule time around television. One rule in my house hold all of the homework had to be done before watching TV.

    11. We go to theaters to see plays. But with movies, TV show and Vlogs on YouTube there are more ways to tell a story. I would argue it’s not cheap entertainment it’s a new way of story telling

  4. Aug 2021