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  1. Feb 2021
    1. he reality is that improving one’s ability to perform certain sporting skills is not about replicating what that specific movement looks like, but rather it is about replicating the specific force generation patterns involved within that movement pattern. In other words, when the focus is only on what the exercise looks like, one can easily make the mistake of loading sport-specific skills instead of working on improving the specific force generation patterns used to perform sporting movements. The problem with this is that the movement skills required in sports have accuracy components that are exact—not similar.

      A ideia aqui é realizar exercícios que trabalhem o mesmo padrão de movimentos, padrão de produção força, amplitude articular que são exigidos dentro da habilidade esportiva.

    1. being an expert at one task has almost no bearing on the ability to be expert in another task, even if those tasks are somewhat related.